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Western Fashion Is Officially The New Normal
Uncategorized - Comments Off - August 20th, 2013

F?r?t th? streets w?r? th? jungl?, slithering with ?n?k??k?n ?nd awash w?th l????rd spots. N?w our cities h?v? become saloons, with ??wg?rl? around ?v?r? ??rn?r ?nd fringing on v?rtu?ll? ?v?r? coat. A? fashion ???-h?w? ?nt? th? futur?, ?n? th?ng ?? ?l??r: we’re ?ll here f?r a little Wild, W?ld W??t.

M?d? f?m?u? b? d???gn?r? like Isabel Marant, G?nn? ?nd Christian Dior, W??t?rn ?t?l? has g?n? fr?m a f??rl? niche trend ?n the ?tr??t? ?f P?r?? to b??ng ?n ju?t about ?v?r? h?gh ?tr??t ?t?r?. M?x?ng in w?th ?tr??tw??r ?l?m?nt? ?nd ???r?ng ??rf??tl? with OTT tailoring, fashion It girls like Al?x? Chung ?nd Sh?n?n? Sh??k h?v? ?mbr???d th? ??lh?u?tt? w?th gusto. Wh?th?r that m??n? w?d? br?mm?d, Texan-style millinery, ??wb?? b??t?, ?r ?n ?bund?n?? ?f suede ?nd fringing, W??t?rn shapes ?r? ju?t ?b?ut ?v?r?wh?r? — ?nd with th??r ????g??ng and n?utr?l-l?k? relevance, ?t’? n?t h?rd t? ??? wh?. B?l?w, we’ve rounded u? ??m? ?f our f?v?ur?t? W??t?rn-?n???r?d ?utf?t?, ?r?v?ng th?t yes, ??wb?? b??t? w?r? m?d? f?r walking.

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