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Weekend Link Love!
Random Stuff - Comments Off - March 3rd, 2012

It’s the weekend! Here are some fun blogs for you to check out!

Lizzy shares a few items that stole her heart in February at The Nature of Beauty.

Luna wants to know what your favorite eye shadow primer is at TOXiD-LOTUS.NET.

Jen put together a colorful collection of Meow Cosmetics swatches at The Everyday Opinionista.

Karoliina wants to show off a lilac look done with Darling Girl Cosmetics at
Bones and Lilies.

Orange things piss off Erin at Oh Honestly, Erin.

Sharon swatched sparkly goodness from her Fyrinnae stash at Hello There, Blondie!

Stephanie kicks off the second round of Nerd Wars with tiny knitted hexagons of doom.

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Weekend Link Love!
Random Stuff - Comments Off - February 11th, 2012

It’s Saturday! It’s time for Weekend Link Love! All of these lovely ladies belong to a Facebook group devoted to makeup and silliness. Go check out their blogs!

Ellie reviewed and swatched the Groundhog Day set, of Moon Rabbit Cosmetics (new indie cosmetics brand) at personellietea.

Lacquer Ninja gives readers a look at one of AEngland’s new polish colors, Princess Tears. Is it a holo or a duo-chrome? At Lacquer Ninja.

Dimiti created a makeup look inspired by the 80′s and…rainbows! What do you think?

Cé reviewed some goodies from Little Mouse Ears at Caprichos Esenciales.

Luna wants to know what your favorite cream shadow is! Visit and tell her.

Bekka revisits Rockabetty Beauty with an updated review and swatches galore at glostix!

Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Link Love!
Random Stuff - Comments Off - February 5th, 2012

I started a link love share thing in the Facebook group I’m part of, although I didn’t manage to get my own links in there this week. Doh! It’s been another bad week for me, girl problems and depression and now I have bronchitis, fun! Anyway. But I wanted to share their links with you all anyway, so go check out these ladies and their blogs!

Bekka gives the skinny on mark. For Goodness Face at glostix.

Lady Bethezda is having an amazing giveaway on her blog!

KimmieKarma takes a look at a new indie company, Moon Rabbit Cosmetics.

Happy Reading! Come back next weekend for more!

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Not Dead, I Promise!
Random Stuff, Shopping - Comments Off - December 29th, 2011

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. After surviving Christmas, my poor husband got a stomach virus, so I’ve been helping him out (quick! more saltines!) and hoping I don’t get it myself. Blech.

But anyway. I ordered a few things with Christmas moneys (yay!) so I’m waiting for:

More fun colors from Persephone Minerals, full sizes this time.

I bought samples of the new perfume oils from Detrivore Cosmetics, and also some full size eyeshadows.

Foundation from Pumpkin and Poppy, and some of her eyeshadows as well.

I can’t wait for my goodies to arrive!!

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Link Love!
Quickies, Random Stuff - Comments Off - October 15th, 2011

I wanted to spread a little link love today, so go check out these lovely ladies and their awesome blog posts!

Karmic Dreaming did a post with her favorite top 10 indie companies!

Cupcake’s Quirky Corner has a post all about Team Pink Eye and what you can do to save the ta-tas!

I wrote a guest post for Eplefe all about using pumpkin on your face. It was fun to write!

Manda’s Team Pink Eye FOTD is pretty awesome!

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Runkeeper: A Review
Random Stuff - Comments Off - August 4th, 2011

This is going to be a little different from my usual reviews. Instead of cosmetics, I want to tell you about this cool app for smart phones that is helping me to get out and walk more each week. Good health is a beautiful thing!

Runkeeper is both a website, and an app you can download for your smart phone. The app is super-cool. You tell it what kind of activity you’re doing (running, walking, hiking, etc) and it keeps track via GPS how far you’ve gone, your pace, elevation gain or loss, and makes a nifty map of your route. At the end of your activity, it uploads the data to the Runkeeper website, and you can also post it to Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t have access to the internet right then (because you’re in the middle of nowhere like I was recently), it’ll save the information to be uploaded later.

The program updates you periodically throughout your workout with how long you’ve been going, how far you’ve gone, and what your pace is. It’s very helpful if you’re trying to keep a steady pace and motivate yourself to walk a certain distance. Some people might find these updates annoying, but I think they’re really helpful.

After you’ve completed your activity, it’s fun to go to the Runkeeper website to look at the map of where you went, and the pace vs. elevation chart. It also keeps track of your total mileage over time. If you are using a treadmill, you can manually update with your time and mileage, as well.

It seems silly, but using this little app to keep track of my walks/hikes has really motivated me to do a walk/hike at least once a week. The mileage record and elevation stats really help me feel like I’m DOING something, since I can see how far I’ve gone or climbed. Runkeeper also has a social media component – you can be a part of your friends’ street teams and see each others’ activities. I only have one friend using it so far, but maybe you’ll join me? If you’re geeky like me, you should check it out!

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Breaking All The Rules?
Random Stuff - Comments (4) - July 20th, 2011

So I was reading a post on another blog with the usual “rules” that you come across about how we’re supposed to do our makeup. You know the drill: no blue eyeshadow, no heavy eye makeup for daytime, blah blah blah. Why do people write these rules, let alone follow them?

I really don’t understand the “rule” about blue eyeshadow. What the heck did poor blue ever do do deserve this condemnation? Besides, doesn’t it seem so arbitrary? Why not forbid green or yellow or red? I just don’t get it. I love to rock the blue, and the green, and the red. (Yellow? Only if I go easy, it makes me sallow.) I say, you rock whatever color you want. Knock yourself out.

Then there’s my favorite, no lining outside the lip line. One article states it’ll just make you look clownish. Well, guess what? My stepmom has thin lips, ALWAYS draws outside the line on her top lip, and it looks PERFECT. The key? She’s found a lipstick formula that wears for hours, so it never fades unevenly, and she touches up after drinking or eating. It’s called practice, people. Use the right tools/products, and practice until it looks perfect. Then, I say get on with your bad self.

I particularly hate the “rules” about heavy eye makeup for day time. Sure, if your office frowns on it, then you stick with your neutrals. But don’t you be judging me and my smoky eye at the supermarket on my day off at noon! Who am I hurting? Stupid rules are stupid rules and I wear what I want.

Moral of the story? Practice so your makeup doesn’t look like it was applied by a five year old (and get yourself a decent set of brushes, please) and you wear whatever you want. Dumb makeup rules are exactly that: dumb.

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Really Sephora? Photoshop Fail
Random Stuff - Comments (3) - April 19th, 2011

I’m aware that advertisers distort women’s bodies to make them look more “ideal.” Boobs are enlarged, waists are shrunk, etc. etc. It’s not often that such a distortion actually lands in my mailbox, however. I received this mailer from Sephora today, and I couldn’t help but notice there was something a little …odd about the model’s legs. Namely, How on earth are they attached to her body?

The more I stare at this picture, the more creeped out I get by it. Surrounded by images like this, is it any wonder women have poor self-esteem? No one can have legs like that. Not even the model. Because it exists only in the land of Photoshop.

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