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Shiro Cosmetics Holiday Lipglosses
Hot Lips, Reviews - Comments (3) - December 21st, 2012

As soon as they were launched on December 1st, I ordered the new Shiro Cosmetics Holiday Lipglosses because HELLO!?! don’t they look gorgeous? I was really happy with the Halloween gloss, so I definitely wanted to get the holiday set too. The colors will work year-round, so don’t hesitate to check them out!

Based on A Christmas Story, the colorful trio features a red color, a gold color, and a purple color. They’re all metallic, but quite sheer compared to the color in the tube. I like the sheerness, since this makes them quite versatile. You can wear them alone for a nice wash of color, or layer them over a stain or lipstick for extra oomph. I really love the Shiro gloss formula. It’s very smooth and not at all sticky, and also moisturizing.

Red Ryder is the red color, named for the Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time. It’s bright candy red with silver sparkle and peppermint bark flavor. It can be layered for extra color.

Leg Lamp is probably my favorite, because I love gold. It’s a shimmery true gold with toffee flavor (yum!) and looks awesome by itself or over other colors. LOVE IT!

Triple Dog Dare, named for the iconic flagpole-licking scene, is a dusty shimmery plum with beigey undertones and a sugarplum flavor. It’s a bit tricky to pull off, but I really like it – especially over a berry lip stain for a nice vampy look.

Here’s how it looks over a berry lip stain, specifically NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain in Berry Long Time. (This stain is an EXCELLENT value, btw, I highly recommend it.)

All three of these colors are really fun, and I highly recommend you get them. Buy them as a setand save some money! Which color do you like best?

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Kuumba Made Almond Lip Balm Review
Hot Lips, Reviews - Comments Off - November 11th, 2012

I’ve been meaning to write about this lip balm since I bought it, and keep forgetting. I was reminded of it again when I used it today, so I decided to sit right down and right this review. I was not really familiar with the brand Kuumba Made before I bought this. I found it at a Whole Foods Market in Oakland, California, and decided to buy it.

I was mostly interested in it because of all the helpful herbs that they infuse in the olive oil. The list includes comfrey, calendula, plantain, chickweed, echinacea, goldenseal, and myrrh, which are all supposed to be great for healing and protecting your skin. It also has shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin e. I picked the almond scent/flavor, because I love almond-y stuff, and it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s a very firm lip balm, but softens up when you apply it to your lips. It won’t get squishy in your pocket from body heat, which is nice for long hikes and walks. It has pretty decent staying power as well – you don’t feel like it just disappears within minutes, like with some lip balms.

It was pretty inexpensive, I think it was like $2.50 a tube at the Whole Foods. I haven’t seen it locally in Oregon, but I could probably get my local Whole Foods to start carrying it if I asked them. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it! The company is based in Arizona, so probably you can find it at Whole Foods throughout the Southwest.

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EOTD: Nic Cage Raking Leaves On A Brisk October Afternoon
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - Comments (5) - October 21st, 2012

I bought Shiro Cosmetics’ Color of The Month because, well, I had to. I mean, LOOK AT IT. It’s sooo pretty. I also know who inspired it, and that means it was a must have, since that lady is pretty much one of my best friends.

So, Nic Cage Raking Leaves On A Brisk October Afternoon is October’s Color Of The Month. It’s a deep, rich coffee brown-black loaded with gold and red sparkles. If you like browns, and you know I like browns, it’s pretty much a must-have color. It is quite sparkly, so use a sticky base to make sure all your sparkles stay on your eyes! I used it with Meowth (now called Whiteout), a shimmery cream color. I used Everything Is Bears with a damp brush to line the upper and lower lashlines. Black Rose Minerals’ Faye is the highlight.

The blush is Larenim Forbidden Flush. The lipgloss is from Shiro Cosmetics’ Halloween collection – it’s This is Halloween. It tastes like chocolate pumpkin cheesecake, is the perfect red-orange color (heavier on the red) and has a perfect texture. I’m so glad I ordered it!

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Alice In Wonderland EOS Lip Balm Trio
Earth Friendly, Hot Lips, Shopping - Comments (4) - October 16th, 2012

I love eos (Evolution of Smooth) lip balms. I love the pod-shaped containers, I love the rounded shape of the balm itself, and I love the formula. I spotted this adorable Alice In Wonderland inspired trio online recently, so I had to snag it when I was in Target the other day. So cute!!

The set has three flavors, Blueberry Potion, Sweet Vanilla Nonsense, and Watermelon Wonderland. They are all three quite yummy. I’m especially pleased about the vanilla one, since it seems to be the same flavor as the vanilla bean stick balm, but in the pod shape I like better! YAY!!

All the eos lip balms are certified organic, and contain nice things for your lips like shea butter, vitamin e, and jojoba oil.

The packaging is really cute, with its tiny printed Alices, and a tea party scene inside. Also? The usual dimple on the side of the sphere has two extra indents to make the shape of mouse ears! SO CUTE. I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for the whole Mickey Mouse thing.

Anyway, the set was $7.99 at Target. It’s not available online yet, but will be in November. Two thumbs up!

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EOTD: Absent Joy
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - Comments (1) - October 8th, 2012

Today I used another new Detrivore Cosmetics color from the Halloween Collection. It’s Absent, and it’s really stunning. I love wearing bright orange or bright red eyeshadow, so naturally I just had to have Absent. I used it with Joy, one of my favorite Meow Cosmetics colors.

So, Absent… it’s a bright orangish red satin eye shadow with gold shimmer, and it is just so pretty. I used it in the crease. Joy, a pale orange-y color with a pink shift, is from Meow’s Holiday Wishes collection. It’s on the lid. I used Shiro Cosmetics’ Badger on the upper and lower lashline. I put Bare Escentuals’ Firelight, a creamy buttercup shimmer, in the inner corners and under the brow bone.

The blush is Nars Luster. Luster is a sheer golden apricot color. The lipgloss is L’Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss is Suede. This is the new 8-hour formula, which in my opinion isn’t any longer-lasting than the old 6-hour formula. However, it’s still much, much more long-lasting than an ordinary lip gloss. It’s a great color, sort of a rose gold shade.

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Portland Bee Balm Review
Cheap Thrills, Earth Friendly, Get Local, Hot Lips, Reviews - Comments Off - August 13th, 2012

A few months ago, I noticed a new lip balm brand popping up in my local New Seasons and Whole Foods Markets. It’s called Portland Bee Balm, and it’s handmade in Portland (duh!) with locally sourced beeswax and honey. I checked out the label, and because it also has peppermint essential oil in it, I didn’t buy it immediately. I am just not a peppermint fan, so I resisted the temptation to purchase.

Fast foward a few months, and that Portland Bee Balm was still making its siren call… “Check me out! You know you want to! Try me!” See, I’m a sucker for all things local, handmade, and organic, and despite the peppermint, I just couldn’t resist. Also? It was cheap! At under three bucks a tube, I figured that if I really, truly hated it, I wouldn’t be wasting much money. Besides, HUSBAND doesn’t hate peppermint and I’d just make him use it. *evil*

It contains beeswax from Sauvie Island. First, about that beeswax. It’s hard to label beeswax “organic” because bees go where they want. But, this is probably as good as it gets. The beehives are located on an organic farm that’s surrounded by other organic farms. Next, it contains organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, honey, and organic peppermint essential oil. The honey comes from their own hives, that they keep in their backyard. Peppermint is also an Oregon crop, but I don’t know if their peppermint EO is from Oregon or not. I hope so!

I’m going to be honest – it’s not the best lip balm ever. If it were me making it (I used to make and sell lip balm, among other things) I’d probably decrease the amount of wax, because it’s a bit on the draggy side. All that wax does have a few advantages though. It doesn’t get too soft if you keep it in your pocket, even on a hot day, as I did all week on a camping trip recently. It also lasts longer on your lips than other lip balms I’ve tried, which is a definite PLUS. The peppermint isn’t super-strong, so even an avowed peppermint hater like myself will find it tolerable, even *gasp* fresh and pleasant. Overall, it’s nicely emollient, has good lasting power, and you can feel good that it’s about as pure and natural as lip balm can get.

If you live in the Portland metro area, you can find Portland Bee Balm in shops all over town – check out their Facebook for more info on that. You can also order it directly from their website if you’re interested in trying a little bit of Oregon in a tube. I’ll probably keep buying it because it’s inexpensive, gets the job done, and it’s local!

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EOTD: Detrivore May Collection
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - Comments (2) - August 8th, 2012

I feel so dumb. I took a picture of my face but forgot to take a picture of my eyes closed! Doh! BAD BEAUTY BLOGGER! But, it looked so nice, I didn’t want to waste it. I used four colors from Detrivore Cosmetics’ May LE collection, and it turned out so pretty.

First, I used Incantation on the lid. ERMAHGERD! SO PRETTY! This is a gold color with copper, pink, and gold shimmer. I about DIED when I put it on, it is that pretty. RUN AND BUY THIS COLOR RIGHT NOW. I put a dab of Mollusk in the inner corners. Mollusk is also GAAAAAH SOOOO PURRRTY. It’s a bright coral pink satin eye shadow loaded with shimmer. I used Lividity in the crease. And then my head exploded from all the awesome. Maybe that’s why I forgot to take eye pictures. My head was exploded. Anyway, Lividity is a dark pink shimmery eye shadow on a black base, and it is DA BOMB. I used Languid, a soft sheer silver satin color to highlight. Upper eyeliner is Milani’s Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Endless (it’s a bold purple). I used more Lividity on the lower lashline.

The blush is also a new one from Detrivore. It’s Lilith, a light lilac purple blush with a tiny bit of silver shimmer. I love how soft and flattering this color is.

Today is a first! All the colors are Detrivore! The lipgloss is Lament, a rosy taupe color. It’s just the best My Lips But Better color and I love it. The formula is smooth, not too sticky, but not watery either. It’s pretty much awesome and I want to try the other colors now.

Detrivore is doing their 10 for $20 sale through 8/19, so now is a good time to grab your favorite colors. The Limited Edition colors aren’t part of the sale, but there are a ton of regular colors that are must haves. You can see more of my Detrivore looks here, or go visit Toxid Lotus or Prettymaking or Personellitea or Painted.

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Shiro Cosmetics Lip Swatch Extravaganza!
Hot Lips, Reviews, Swatches - Comments (1) - June 20th, 2012

I am really, really excited to be sharing with you lip swatches of all of Shiro Cosmetics’ newest Intertube colors! They are all really super fabulous and it’s hard to pick which ones are my favorites.

First things first. The Intertube formula is great. It’s a tinted lip balm formula, with shea butter and jojoba oil providing some serious emolliency. It’s not too hard, not too soft, definitely not draggy on the lips and the staying power is pretty good for a tinted balm. I have all the love for this formula!

Now for the colors! They vary in their opacity, but none of them are wimpy or excessively sheer. All of them provided a nice bold color, just as you’d expect from the color in the tube. A word about the darkest and lightest shades: Because this is more of a balm-y formula vs. a thick lipstick formula, the whitish shade and black shade are a bit fussy. More on that in a bit. I applied all of these with a lip brush. Applying straight from a tube should give a more even appearance, so any streaks are largely the result of the lip brush.

Battletoads is a marshy green-brown with copper and green shimmer. I am really attracted to this shade, probably because it’s not your typical brown. The bit of green shimmer gives it an oddness that’s quite cool.

Insanity Wolf is a pale cool grey with the faintest hint of purple. This is one of the fussy colors. Without blanking out your lips with foundation first, it’s probably always going to be a bit streaky. That’s just the nature of a non-chalky formula. Personally, I think Insanity Wolf is great to have around to tone down/alter the color of other lipsticks/balms. You could have a lot of fun mixing it on your lips to make pastel versions of your favorite colors.

Magnets is a plum color with a strong silver sheen. OOOOH! I really love Magnets! I don’t have anything like this color, it’s unique and fun and so wonderfully PLUMMY. You need Magnets.

Me Gusta is black. It’s also a bit fussy if you’re trying for a total black-out on the lips. Personally, I love the more sheer yet still vampy look of this one. It would also be great for deepening your favorite lip colors.

Ridiculously Photogenic is a deepened fuchsia. Z.O.M.G. I LOVE THIS COLOR. You really need this if you love that “I’ve been eating berries all day” lip stain look. It’s ridiculously beautiful, is what it is. THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE.

Smashing is a pinky-purple color. It’s quite awesome. Not too bubblegum and very wearable, Smashing is great for livening up your summer makeup.

Trololo is a vivid, slightly reddened tangerine. It looks a little more red on my lips because they were a bit reddened from rubbing off previous colors. If you are looking for a very wearable orange color, pick up Trololo. It’s super-fab, especially for summer!

Why Not Zoidberg? is tied with Ridiculously Photogenic for my favorite of these new colors. I LOVE IT SO HARD. It’s a bright coral, and it’s HAWT. You need it. REALLY.

I’m adding Forty Cakes because I had a sample of it, although it’s not new. Forty Cakes is a bright hot pink. It’s not neon, so still quite wearable without singeing anyone’s eyeballs. I happen to love hot pink, so I’m all over this shade.

Which of the new Intertubes are YOUR must-haves? Good luck trying to pick!!

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