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How A Start-Up Company Seeks To Solve The Global Clean Water Crisis
Charity, Earth Friendly, Guest Post - Comments (1) - June 23rd, 2011

Dear Readers,

I have never before allowed a guest post on my blog, but I decided that this was such an important cause that I wanted to share it with you. For Claire’s Beauty’s first guest post, Aaron Madonna with LifeSoap Company is writing about the importance of clean water and how his company is trying to address that. Please let me know what you think! (I received no compensation for this, I just want to share with you all!)

How A Start-Up Company Seeks To Solve The Global Clean Water Crisis

We are often asked how did you and Juwon come up with the idea for LifeSoap Company? What does the company do? How can others help in LifeSoap’s initiative?

With this article I will answer these questions and hopefully through our story we will be able to inspire you to think about how you can make a difference in the world. Let’s get started.

Why We Started LifeSoap Company

It all began when Juwon took a trip to Nicaragua to engage in service work. He traveled to Nicaragua to meet with a friend who was working with an organization called Arms of Love in December 2010. Once there he was able to witness real poverty and it inspired him to make change. Upon his return to Colorado we had a conversation about his travels and how we could make in impact in the world.

One of the issues people of Nicaragua are facing is the lack of access to clean water. In our country we take for granted the fact that we can walk to the kitchen and turn on the tap for a drink of cool, clean water when we are thirsty. In some developing countries this is not the case. Juwon and I began to research issues of clean water and found out that this is a significant global issue (“1 in 8 people around the world don’t have access to clean water.” Due to lack of clean water many are forced to drink from disease-infested wastewater.

With the threat of death and disease, children are making the difficult choice of leaving behind education for survival. Children are spending 4 or more hours per day collecting water for their families. As a result, they are unable to attend school and perpetuate issues of genocide, poor hygiene habits, and disease.

This is a terrible crisis but it is one that is solvable. There are many organizations around the world working to solve the clean water-crisis. Juwon and I decided to use our passion for entrepreneurship to start a new venture that gives profits directly to aid organizations working to solve the clean water-crisis. Juwon and I value the importance of education and we wanted to work with an organization that works specifically with helping children gain access to clean-water.

With this in mind we founded LifeSoap Company.

What Does LifeSoap Company Do?

Juwon and I wanted to create a for-profit business that had a social justice mission. We decided on soap because it is a product that is simple to understand and something that people use on a daily basis. We believe in quality and decided to take an unconventional route by choosing to provide premium organic soap to our customers instead of the chemical based soaps found at most super markets.

We’re proud to be the only organic soap company (that we know of) committed to improving not only the lives of our happy customers, but also the lives of children in developing countries suffering from lack of clean-water. We pledge to give 90 percent of our after-tax profits to bring clean water solutions to children and communities in Central & South America, and Africa.

Our premium organic soap is shipped in “Boxes of Joy” to our customer’s homes monthly. Each box contains three distinct flavors/bars of soap (Love bar, Peace bar, and Sol “Sun” bar). Additional elements in each box include company updates, clean water project progress updates, and an inspirational message of the month. Our customers tell us that they love the way our organic soaps make their skin feel—fresh, clean, youthful, and moisturized. They also love the feeling of making a difference for people around the world through using our soaps.

We have set a goal to inspire more than 3,000 people to buy LifeSoap and join our cause this year. We will give up to $5,000 to bring clean water to primary school in South America this year. The company is based in Colorado as an online retailer. Preliminary research is being conducted on expanding into healthy living shops and stores in the future

How You Can Help Us Make A Difference

It is not difficult to make a difference. The clean-water crisis is something that can be easily solved. With increased awareness, financial contributions and dedicated volunteers the crisis can be solved.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Share this post with someone you care about.
Research the clean-water crisis and spread the word to others.
Follow us on Twitter: @LifeSoap.
Spread the word about LifeSoap Company on Twitter & Facebook.
Support LifeSoap directly by ordering a Box of Joy at

I hope that this post has inspired you to learn more about clean-water and take action by supporting our cause. Thank you for reading! :)

About Aaron Madonna
Aaron Madonna is the co-author of Help! IDK What I Want To Do With My Life, blogger at and one of the founders of LifeSoap Company. He is a graduate of Colorado State University and currently lives in Fort Collins, CO.

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