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EOTD: She Bop Toxicity
Cat, Eyeshadow - Comments Off - October 15th, 2013

I was wearing a black shirt to work the other day, so I decided I needed a pop of color on my eyelids. Madd Style’s She Bop was just the thing, toned down with some browns so it didn’t get too crazy. Also, pink and brown has always been a favorite combo of mine.

I put She Bop on the lid. She Bop is a deep pink color with a silvery shimmer and TONS of aqua glitter. Using a sticky base will help the glitters stick better. As it is, a lot of them disappear. (Which is fine, for work…) The crease is Toxicity, from Detrivore Cosmetics. Toxicity is a dark brown satin with a blue and pink shimmer. It’s super-pretty. I used Detrivore’s Lobotomy to highlight in the inner corners and under the brow. The eyeliner is a brown pencil from Givenchy.

The blush is limited edition coral-y color from MAC, and I’m wearing Fresh’s Sugar Shine Lip Treatment like the chin fillers you can easily get online.

Since it’s been a while, here’s a bonus Theo picture! He’s such a snoozy boy.

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EOTD: Little Green Theos
Cat, Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - February 4th, 2013

Having gone through various shades of browns this week, and then purple, I decided that today’s makeup needed to feature green colors. I used my always-favorite color Theo from Black Rose Minerals, as well as a Meow Cosmetics green. Bonus today: A picture of Theo!

I put Theo, a light fawn with a green duochrome and green sparkles, on the lid. The crease color is Little Green Men, a Halloween color from Meow Cosmetics. Little Green Men is a sparkly pine green with flashes of green sparkle and iridescence. It’s a great dark green. I used Lobotomy, from Detrivore Cosmetics, to highlight. The eyeliner is Milani Cosmetics’ Liquid Eye Mechanical Eyeliner in Green.

The blush is Thing, a pale peachy color, from Detrivore. The lip color is Shiro Cosmetics’ Why Not Zoidberg? Intertube. Isn’t it the best coral-y color?

I snapped a quick pic of Theo the other morning, looking all handsome.

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EOTD: Tiger Lily Valley
Cat, Complexion, Eyeshadow - Comments Off - June 17th, 2012

Rosa, the sweetheart who owns Black Rose Minerals heard Tiger Lily (Theo’s fur-sister) was jealous that Theo had his own eyeshadow color. After all, she’s the princess in the household. So Rosa made Tiger Lily, this absolutely beautiful color. It’s sweet but fierce, just like my kitteh.

Tiger Lily is a neutral peachy tan with just a touch of pinky red sparkles. I used it over Pixie Epoxy to really make the sparkles stick. I wore it with Death Valley, another new color I bought recently. Death Valley is a deep metallic bronze with just a touch of pink glitter. I love the pink glitter in this color! I used Lobotomy from Detrivore to highlight. The eyeliner is from VS Makeup, in Dark Chocolate.

Black Rose Minerals is offering blush now, so of course I had to try it! I picked out Radical, a sweet coral pink with a touch of golden shine. It’s so pretty! The lip color is Budding Beauty Lipgelee from MAC.

Of course, I had to include a picture of the girl herself – this is Tiger Lily, aka Tigsy!

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EOTD: Theo Lovefool
Cat, Eyeshadow - Comments (3) - May 27th, 2012

Black Rose Minerals makes some of my favorite eyeshadow colors. Rosa is also such a sweetie and her customer service is great! Yesterday was a fun day (beer! food! thunderstorms!) (okay not so much the thunderstorm, lol) so I wanted to do some fun makeup. I’m still feeling very into neutrals so it’s not as fun as say, hot pink, but all the sparkly stuff going on in these colors definitely means they aren’t boring!

The lid color is my beloved Theo. Theo is a light fawn with a green duochrome and green sparkles. Lovefool, the crease color, is a chocolatey brown with a rose tinge and lots of golden sparkles. It’s SO PRETTY! I used Divinity from Persephone Minerals to highlight. The eyeliner is Victoria’s Secret Makeup eyeliner in Chocolate.

I used Detrivore Cosmetics blush in Gallows. Gallows is a deep pinkish red shade with a satin texture and shimmer. It’s so pretty! The lipstick is a brown color from L’Occitane.

Here’s a gratuitous Theo picture, just because we’re talking about his color!

We had a crazy thunderstorm here in the evening. The weather this year has been… interesting, to say the least.

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EOTD: Theo Greens
Cat, Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - March 18th, 2012

This was actually what I wore yesterday, since it was St. Patrick’s Day. I went with the traditional green, using a Brazen color as well as my ever-favorite super-awesome Theo from Black Rose Minerals. Bonus IRL Theo picture at the bottom of this post too!

The lid color is Theo. Theo, besides being my cat and my own specially requested color, is a light fawn with a green duochrome and green sparkles. Denial, from Brazen Cosmetics, is mostly a green color (with a bit of aqua) with aqua/blue/iridescent glitters. I think it will lean more green with other greens (like the green in Theo) and leans more blue if you wear it with blue. I used Divinity from Persephone Minerals to highlight.

The blush is Thing from Detrivore Cosmetics. The lipstick is Lollipop Loving from MAC. It was my first MAC lipstick, and still my favorite because of the green sheen.

It’s hard to tell, but that’s a large frying pan inside a paper bag that Theo is lying in. It was really funny, because he just LOVED it, like it was a new cat bed or something. Many jokes about having pan-cat for dinner were made.

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EOTD: Zombie Seedless Cupcake
Cat, Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - January 21st, 2012

I’m in a funny mood today. The weather can’t decide what it wants to do and I’m just vacillating between feeling okay and horribly depressed. Getting myself prettied up can help lift some of the grey fog, so I pushed myself to do my makeup today. I’m happy with how it came out and do feel somewhat better. I started with Seedless from Madd Style Cosmetix, and then decided to work Cupcake Zombie and PB & Chocolate Cupcake from Candy’s Sweet Treats into the mix somehow.

Seedless is a baby pink with green sparkles and duochrome. It’s one of my favorite colors because I love the green duochrome. I put Seedless in the inner corners. The outer corners are PB & Chocolate Cupcake, a tan color with golden glitter. The crease is Cupcake Zombie, a dark green with lime and red glitter. I used Vanilla Bean Cupcake on the browbone to highlight. The eyeliner is Physicians Formula Organic Wear Eyeliner in Black Olive.

Today’s blush is Gallows from Detrivore Cosmetics. Gallows is a deep pinkish red shade with a satin texture and shimmer. It’s really pretty!! I didn’t feeling like wearing much lip color today, so I’m just wearing Mocha Rose lip balm.

And just because it’s Caturday, bonus Theo photo!

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Wild Carrot Herbals Skincare Review
Cat, Complexion, Get Local, Skin Care - Comments (1) - October 9th, 2011

I’ve been eying Wild Carrot Herbals’ products for a long time. They are an Oregon company, making plant-based skincare and body care, as well as an entire baby line. I’ve watched this line grow and evolve, and decided it was time to purchase some things and give it a whirl. I’m really pleased so far!

Earlier this summer I bought a bottle of the Oregon Strawberry & Rose Toner, when I happened to give it a spray at our local grocery. It smelled amazing!! The toner really does smell like fresh strawberries mixed with the soft floral scent of roses. It’s alcohol-free, and it’s very soothing to the skin. I’m pretty much hooked on this and have bought a second bottle. The formula consists of strawberry essence, radish root extract, and Bulgarian rose essential oil. I like it for my oily skin, but any skin type could use it. It’s very refreshing on a warm day or after exercising.

I also bought (admittedly for the smell) the Cardamom Facial Cleanser after trying the toner. I’ve developed a real fondness for cream/milk type cleansers (the kind that don’t foam or lather) because they take makeup off like no ones business and leave my face happy and clean. This one is no exception, and has become my new favorite cream cleanser. It smells amazing, but more importantly, gets the job done with no breakouts or other problems. The formula is a simple one, with apricot oil and virgin coconut oil, and essential oils of cardamom and lemon. I think the lemon is a nice choice for oilier skin types as it’s a bit astringent. Cardamom essential oil, in my research, is also provides some antiseptic benefit.

I’m really interested in exploring more of the Wild Carrot Herbals line – like the Blue Burdock Moisturizer and the Soulshine Ambrosial Serum. If you can find these products in a natural grocery or health food store near you, do check them out! You can also order online. I give them two thumbs up!

(Theo looked like a good background for the product shots.)

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Black Rose Minerals’ THEO!!!
Best Of, Cat, Eyeshadow - Comments (6) - September 22nd, 2011

A while back on Twitter I mentioned how I’d rather have an Indie cosmetics company make my perfect dream color instead of a big corporate company. The lovely Rosa of Black Rose Minerals saw my tweet and offered to give it a whirl. The result is done: Theo!

What I requested was a neutral color like Skink (which I love) but with some green to it. See, I love to pair a neutral with a brighter color but all my taupe-y colors look muddy and not so pretty with greens or blues. I wanted something neutral but with something green going on so I could wear it with greens/blues. Voila! Theo. Theo has the taupe base but with a kickin’ green duochrome. IT IS FABULOUS.

Now, the name… Theo is my cat. He is also the inspiration for the color because he has some taupe-y neutral fur but these green green eyes. Yes, I’m one of those crazy cat ladies who really love their cats. Rosa is a sweetie and went with the name, and I’m really tickled about it. For those who love care your pets I recommend to visit, you will find a list of best CBD treats, I’ve included the best treat-like supplements for Theo.

This is Theo with Cyranose from Linnaeus Cosmetics. See how pretty they go together? It’s the perfect blend.

On my cheeks I have Detrivore Thing blush, and I’m wearing a Fyrinnae Lip Lustre. I HEART INDIE!!

I’m so happy with Theo! I hope lots of other people like it too! THANK YOU ROSA!!! YOU ARE SO CREATIVE AND AMAZING!!

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