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Cargo and Korres
Color News, Earth Friendly, Shopping - Comments Off - September 24th, 2008

IlluminatorI work in a mall that has a Sephora, so I’m in there fairly frequently – or at least after new stuff hits the website, and I want to see it in person. I had the chance today to check out the (newish) Korres color line, which finally came to my local store. I was reasonably impressed!

I didn’t try any of the liquid foundations because the tubes looked awkward, and I’m hopelessly devoted to Stila’s Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. I did take a swipe at the Multivitamin Compact Powder, the pressed powder for oilier complexions, and I really loved the texture. It was really silky, and not chalky at all, and spread nicely on the skin. I’m currently carrying Tarte’s Provacateur Pressed Mineral Powder for mid-day touchups, and I like it just fine. When it’s gone, I will be investigating the Korres powder again, because it feels just as nice, if not better.

The eyeshadow colors look pretty, but I’m not a super-huge fan of single eyeshadows (I prefer multi-color palettes for saving space), so I didn’t take a poke at them. I did swipe some Cherry Full Color Lip Gloss on my hand to get an idea of the texture and opacity,  and liked what I saw. Cherry doesn’t refer to the color, but rather to the cherry seed oil in the formula. The texture is nicely smooth (not too sticky) and the colors are a lot more intense than they appear on the website. I might have to snag one of these glosses! I really liked Red 52. I didn’t love the color selection of the lipsticks quite as much, so I didn’t try any of those.

So for Korres, the powder compact and the lip glosses are definitely ringing my bell. I’ll consider these for future purchase.

The newly expanded Cargo PlantLove line is available on Sephora’s website, but wasn’t in the store yet. This is a line I can’t WAIT to try.  I’ve tried a lipstick from the line (Cargo introduced lipsticks not quite two years ago), and was favorably impressed. Now they’ve expanded with an almost-full lineup of color cosmetics. What was original about the PlantLove lipsticks at the time were the plastic-like compostable tubes made from corn, the Ecocert-certified formula of the lipstick, and the recycled (and seed-embedded) outer boxes. All the packaging for the new products meets these same guidelines (although Sephora’s website doesn’t say if the cosmetics formulas are Ecocert-certified). I really want to check out the lipgloss, the blushes (I love Cargo blushes), and the baked illuminators.

Ooh, happy day. I love earth-friendly cosmetics.

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The “Ooh Squeal” Post
Color News, Makeup Fun - Comments Off - August 8th, 2008

Guerlain MeteoritesToday was a day off, and naturally I spent it engaged in browsing my favorite online stores for what’s new. It was time well spent, at least for my squeal-o-meter. So much cute stuff! So little spending money! It’s tough being a beauty blogger, sometimes.

At the top of my list is the new Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powder from Guerlain. I have long been a fan of the regular Meteorites for the healthy glow they give my skin. The pressed version looks like it would be even more convenient (especially for travel!) and I really, really want one.

I need more eyeshadow like a fish needs a bicycle, so I’m not really lusting after this palette. But isn’t it cute? It’s the Tarte Eye Couture Day-to-Night palette, with ten eyeshadows.  The colors look very user-friendly, and I have one of those double-ended eyeshadow brushes and it rocks. If I were in the market for a new palette, I’d want this one for sure.

I once posted about how I really liked Benefit’s Silky Finish lipstick, but that I found it very short-lived on the lips.  Well now they have come out with a Full Finish formula, which I am hoping means it will last longer. If it does, I’ll be a fan, especially if it feels as nice as the silky finish formula. I’m thinking the shades La La Land and On The Sly look particularly fetching.

Not online (and the fact that I can’t find a picture anywhere is making me crazy… I might try photographing it myself…) are some new Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze colors.  It’s a chocolate theme, and the colors are dark for fall (quite in keeping with the dark lips currently featured on Sephora’s front page). I picked up a Chocolate Cherry, and I love it. These little pots are a steal, and the quality is great. The color is excellent, and it’s all I can do to keep myself from rushing back to the drugstore to get one in each shade. Must. Exercise. Control.

The last squeal-worthy products are also from the drugstore: Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Lip Veil.  The ingredients are excellent (super emollient!), it’s organic, and I love the variety of shades. Plus, I love products that are basically tinted lip balms because they are easy to apply in a hurry. I really want the Ginger shade. I’m intrigued by the whole Organic Wear line, really, so trying the lip product may just be the gateway drug to other products…

It’s only early August. I’m sure there will be more squeal-worthy product launches to come. I personally am breathlessly awaiting the launch of Lolita Lempicka Coral Flower.

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Stila Summer
Color News - Comments Off - April 10th, 2008

Stila EyeshadowOoh, how excited am I about the new summer products from Stila?? The eyeshadow palette is so pretty, with the famous Kitten shade. The other shades are really popular Stila colors too – Ray, Wheat, and Sun are shades I’ve always liked.

The new tinted moisturizer is the product I really want to try.  I used the original last summer, and really liked it – although my skin doesn’t need the extra hydration if I’m already using a moisturizer. The new formula has SPF 30 (vs the 15 of the old), is oil-free, and has willow bark extract in it, which helps fight blemishes. It sounds perfect.

The Silk Shimmer Gloss looks cute, and again, Kitten is a popular shade.  The gloss has vitamins A, C, and E, as well as shea butter. I wish they’d make more shades though. I like Kitten, but it’s a tad light on my lips.

I can’t wait until these products come to my local Sephora so I can check them out in person!

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New Beauty I Want!
Color News, Shopping - Comments Off - January 17th, 2008

Korres LipstickWhat I like about this time of year is the new stuff coming out for spring. Yay for new stuff!

Stila has new eyeshadow duos that look super-pretty. I especially want to check out Dragonfly and Vieux Carre. I’ve used Stila shadows for a few years now and I love the textures and colors.

Korres has a whole line of makeup out, and it all looks so pretty. I especially want to try the mango butter lipstick and the under eye concealer.

Bourjois has a new eyeliner, Liner Clubbing, that is supposed to be budgeproof. The colors look really pretty, especially the Violet Laser, which is described as a gold violet.

I know more stuff will come along in the next few weeks. I can’t wait!

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Cynthia Rowley For Avon
Body Care, Color News, Shopping - Comments (1) - August 29th, 2007

Cynthia Rowley AvonAvon has teamed up with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley to create some limited edition products bearing Rowley’s name. While I don’t see anything that grabs me like the Jillian Dempsey face powder did, the colors do look pretty and wearable.

While we’re on the subject of Avon, their mark. line has introduced a new fragrance to the Self Sanctuary products: Honey Jasmine. It sounds really delectable. The White Tea Vanilla was one of my favorite scents, and the body butter formula is quite nice.

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Squeal! Fall!!
Color News, Eyeshadow, Perfume - Comments Off - August 14th, 2007

StilaI am ALL OVER these new palettes from Stila. I can’t decide which one I want, they are all so pretty! While you’re cruising Stila’s website, be sure to take a peek in the vintage section. You might see something there that’s irresistable too, and that section is 20% off right now. The Perfectly Kitten set is a good example.

I haven’t seen them in person yet, but if the color payoff is like their non-matte shadows, these new matte shadows from Urban Decay look great. I want the purple shades…

Sephora has some pretty palettes in their Sephora Collection makeup – I like the eyeshadow palettes customized to best show off your eye color. See the brown one here. For once, I actually like the colors chosen for my eye color.

DuWop has added some more colors to their eyeshadow duos – I particularly like Lemongrass and Macchiato.

This oil-free luminizing powder from Lorac might be an adequate replacement for my beloved Paul & Joe face powder. I can’t wait to see it in person! The P & J powder contains ground pearls, and looks just amazing on the skin – but since Sephora stopped carrying it, I’m out of luck once my treasured compact runs out. Boo hoo! Maybe Lorac will save the day.

Not one to leave perfume behind, I’m intensely interested in Fresh Mangosteen. Of course, at Fresh prices I’ll have to REALLY love it before I’d buy it, but I’m really curious to give it a sniff.

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I’m Dying For Fall Now
Color News, Hot Lips - Comments Off - August 2nd, 2007

Dior GlossWe’ve had some wacky summer weather here in Oregon. We had more rain than we’ve had in a few years, and less heat. I’m not complaining about the heat, but I could use a little more sunshine before summer is gone.

I cheered myself up by checking out some of the new stuff coming out for fall. Isn’t this Lancome mini-palette cute?? It’s a “Destiny Cube” and it’s just too adorable. I think the “Pillow Balm” looks really fun too.

It looks like a more subtle eye combined with a bold lip is going to be hot for fall, although my not-so-favorite nude or pale pink lip is still sticking around too. I look TERRIBLE with pale lips, so that one is definitely NOT for me. I love bold lip colors though, especially Dior lipsticks and Nars glosses.

It’s not part of the fall (yet), but I did pick up a Dior gloss today that I really like. It’s a Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in shade 777 (Ribbon Mauve). This is the “new” Ultra Gloss, which features a brush applicator instead of a doe-foot, and has more shimmer. has the old names paired with the new if you want to match a color. The new formula tastes better, too. I love my original Ultra Gloss shade 333 Hologram Coral, but I don’t wear it very often because it tastes funny.

I can’t wait as more lines roll out their fall collections. I love new stuff!!

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Ooh New Pretties!
Color News, Shopping - Comments Off - July 23rd, 2007

stila cosmeticsStila Cosmetics has a new collection out for summer, and it’s so pretty. The eyeshadows are especially, especially the cool colors. I love baked eyeshadows because you can use them wet or dry, and used wet they have such beautiful radiance.

Cargo introduced a new shade to their ever-popular Beach Blush line – Sunset Beach. It’s more delicate than the other colors, with delicate pink, mauve, and light tan colors.

Nyx Cosmetics has new Glitter Pencils that look really cute.  Sadly my local Long’s Drugs closed, so my source of Nyx (without shipping) is gone and I haven’t had a chance to try these pencils in person yet. One of these days I’m hoping somewhere else local will carry the line.

Avon has a preview of their autumn colors available here. The shadows certainly look pretty. The new eyeshadow singles have some pretty shades too, although I’m not a fan of eyeshadow singles in general. I prefer palettes, for storage reasons.

I’m still loving summer but now I can’t wait for fall…

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