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Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation
Complexion, Makeup Fun, Reviews - September 17th, 2009

cb-smoothavonI’ve been using Avon’s Smooth Minerals Foundation for a few days now, and it compares well with other foundations I’ve tried. The foundation has its pros and cons, but overall it’s a fine product.

It’s important to note that I’m not particularly a fan of mineral powder foundations. Talc doesn’t bother me, and I prefer the silkier feel of talc-based powders. I’ve tried more than a few mineral foundations, by a variety of companies, and I haven’t found one yet that I was willing to trade for a good liquid foundation. With that said, there have been a few that I’d be willing to use if someone took away my liquids and left me with a mineral powder foundation instead. This Avon product is one of them.

It comes in a wide-mouth jar, with a powder sifter. The brush is sold separately. I’m using a Tarte kabuki brush to apply, but Avon does sell their own kabuki brush as well. Available in 10 shades, I imagine most skin tones will find one to suit them. I find powder foundations are usually a little more forgiving with skin tone, and this Avon formula is no exception. The shade I’m using, Sand Beige, is a bit on the dark side for my complexion, but blends so easily that it still looks okay.

The foundation features a 100% naturally derived formula containing a mineral blend (zinc, calcium, copper) with nutrients and enriched with vitamins. The makeup is supposed to help nourish and comfort your skin, so it looks better after you’ve been using for a while – even when you aren’t wearing makeup.

You apply using the same “swirl, tap, buff” method popularized by other mineral makeup companies. How does it compare? Other products give a funky shiny finish I dislike, make my pores look larger, look chalky, feel chalky, and generally just displease me. Some products will look and feel fine, and I still won’t be pleased because application is more time-consuming than my “squirt on fingers, spread on skin” method for applying tinted moisturizer. This is where Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation loses me. That’s the con I find with all mineral powder foundations – you can’t rush the application process. You have to take the time to buff it on and really blend it, or it just won’t look good. That smooth natural finish can only be achieved when proper care is taken in application. I just prefer the slap-it-on-and-go products, probably because I’m always in a hurry to get ready in the morning. This is definitely an issue with me, and not because the product isn’t quality.

The foundation feels fine on the skin, not too chalky or dry-feeling, no annoying shiny finish, no chalky texture. The coverage falls into a medium to full category, depending on how many layers you want to buff on. I prefer the medium coverage, and find I can achieve that pretty easily. It blends nicely, even if it is a smidge dark for me, because I can take it down past my jawline and it looks natural. It wears all day, and because it’s a powder, does help control oil and shine. That is probably what I like best about mineral powder foundations – if you’re oily, they do help keep the oil in check. Powder blushes, loose and pressed, blend nicely on top of the foundation, for an even, natural look.

I’ll keep using my jar, and see if I can’t figure out some tips to speed up the application process. If I do, I’ll definitely share with you!

The price is right – and right now it’s on sale at In you are a fan of mineral foundations, I recommend you take a look at Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation.

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