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The Return of Hard Candy!
Makeup Fun, Shopping - September 21st, 2009

hardcandygroupI have missed you, Hard Candy. I was very sad to see you leave Sephora, and even sadder when your website went offline.

I thought I was going to have to hoard my glosses, and would never see your fun eyeshadow colors again. But, what is this news? Hard Candy is back, and much to my wallet’s happiness, has been re-launched as a mass-market brand! Yes, in a mere week’s time, you will find Hard Candy at none other than Wal-Mart, the massest of the mass markets.

This could be good news or bad news, but I’m inclined to go with Good on this one. The packaging looks really cute, and the products promise to be the same quality they’ve always been.  I definitely can’t wait to check them out in person!

The nail polishes look super-cute, and those little eyeshadows look good too. What will YOU be investigating further?

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One Response to “The Return of Hard Candy!”

  1. [...] so excited to report on the new Hard Candy products being launched this month! As I previously mentioned, Hard Candy is being re-introduced to the marketplace as a mass market brand at Wal-Mart. I had the [...]