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Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali Perfume
Perfume - September 22nd, 2009

cb-baliI happened to be passing through the duty-free shop while killing some time at JFK recently, and what did I find? Perfume! Yippee! I snagged a bottle of Kenzo’s 7:15 am in Bali perfume and I’m loving it!

Produced exclusively for travel retail, the perfumeĀ  represents the fresh air of early morning on Bali and the beauty of the sunrise. It includes notes of juicy grapefruit, passion fruit, sambac jasmine, orchid, and vanilla. I find the grapefruit very refreshing and the drydown relaxing and soothing. It’s a very friendly fragrance, very approachable and likeable. You probably won’t offend anyone sitting next to you, and it would be good for a work situation, I would think.

It’s a light fragrance. I do wish it had more lasting power, but I definitely enjoy it while it does last. It’s a wonderful reminder of my trip to NYC (okay, it’s not Bali, but still). Now I want to find 5:40 pm in Madagascar!

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3 Responses to “Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali Perfume”

  1. [...] 7:15 AM In Bali is a travel retail exclusive (read: only to be found in duty free) that combines grapefruit and [...]

  2. I love this perfume – it’s citrusy, with vanilla. Gorgeous scent, plus it’s unbelievably cheap. I can’t believe it’s been discontinued – if it hadn’t been a limited edition fragrance, I would definitely repurchase again and again.

  3. [...] Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali is also a citrusy vanilla scent, with more flowers than Hidden Fantasy. It’s super-refreshing [...]

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