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Bath & Body Works Sensual Sandalwood Fig
Body Care, Cheap Thrills, Perfume - February 27th, 2010

cb-sandalwoodfigI love fig fragrances. I haven’t really met a fig scent that I didn’t like, actually. You can guess, then, that I was quite excited to see that Bath & Body Works has introduced another fig scent, this time Sandalwood Fig, as a part of their aromatherapy line. W00t!

The last time BBW did a fig I had to have, it was the True Blue Morocco Sweet Fig & Argan Body Lotion (which is still available on the website, half off!) and at the time I wished they made a body spray in the scent. The Sandalwood Fig is quite close, with all the wonderful figgy scent mixed with the warmth of sandalwood. I was pleased to see the new roll-on size, as this is perfect for trying out the scent, and keeping in the purse.

I wish the fragrance had more staying power, but it isn’t meant to be stronger than a body spray. A person could probably layer with the matching lotion and body wash to make it last longer (and since they are currently 2 for $20, I may just get them too!). In the meantime, I’m enjoying the roll-on a lot.

The candle smelled pretty awesome too, and might require further investigation… (All in the name of science, of course!)

Two Thumbs Up!

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3 Responses to “Bath & Body Works Sensual Sandalwood Fig”

  1. Patrice says:

    Bath and Body works is sold out and I must have this scent any recmmendations? Please help!

  2. Jezzibell says:

    yeah i ran into the same problem!Ii fell in love with this sent and found out that B&B discontinued the item :(. Turns out it was just a promotional item for Valentines day. You can still find it around if you look in the discount sections of some of the larger stores and you can find them on amazon/ebay.

  3. Lisa says:

    eBay is your friend. I managed to find 2 bottles there yesterday!