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Lipstick Fun: Pinks and Reds
Hot Lips - March 25th, 2010

I added a few more lipsticks to my collection recently, and wanted to share them with you. I’m still really into BRIGHT lips, it must be a reaction to the gray winter weather we get in Oregon. I want COLOR! LOL. Pink and red are especially appealing to me right now. Check it out!

MAC recently released the Liberty Of London collection, a collaboration with a British luxury accessories brand ( The color Petals & Peacocks was irresistable, being an awesome bright magenta pink color. Plus, the packaging is just TOO ADORABLE!! I love the bird and petals motif. The finish is Amplified, which means it’s quite richly pigmented, but not at all drying. (Check out this blog for a good review of the various finishes.)

I happened to check out Milani’s lipsticks at Fred Meyer the other day, and picked up Rose Hip, a shade that looked quite magenta as well. I haven’t tried a Milani lipstick before, but since I love most of the other products I’ve tried, I figured it was worth a go. Success! Rose Hip is a dead ringer for Petals & Peacocks, although a little less pigmented. Also, I don’t love the scent, it’s sort of an artificial rose scent. However, if you want a budget version of Petals & Peacocks, it’s pretty darn good.

Just for fun and comparison, this one is Hard Candy’s No Peeking, which isn’t as bright as either of the first two. If you want a bright pink, but don’t want it quite so bright, this one is a good alternative.

I’m always on the prowl for a good red, and L’Oreal provides two really good ones: Penelope’s Red and Real Red.

Real Red is from the Colour Riche Anti-Aging Serum collection, a line that contains a core of “serum” that is supposed to smooth fine lines. It does this by lightly plumping the lips (hence, there is a light tingle upon application). I have several shades of this formula, and they are all quite wearable and flattering. Real Red has more of a blue-tone to it, and looks a little lighter in the picture than it actually is. It’s a good red, although I do think it could stand to be more pigmented. The finish is a bit satin-y, not at all matte.

Penelope’s Red is a little warmer than Real Red, and a little more pigmented. For best results, I would recommend using a lip pencil to line your lips first (I didn’t in the picture) and then applying the lipstick. Penelope’s Red is great! The regular Colour Riche line has the same satin-y finish as the Anti-Aging one, so this one isn’t matte. But it also isn’t drying to my lips, which I appreciate. If you want a more orange-tone red, this one is worth checking out.

What are your favorite fuchsia and red lipsticks?

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One Response to “Lipstick Fun: Pinks and Reds”

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