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Lush Creme Anglaise Body Cream
Body Care, Splurge Worthy - April 16th, 2010

Lush, Lush, you’ve been VERY bad lately! Very bad! Their newest lotion is AMAZING and I just had to have a jar. But it’s criminally expensive!

Lush’s newest cream is Creme Anglaise, a rich, thick, amazingly delightful smelling product that I fell in love with the minute I spread some on my skin. The nice shop guy was stocking the display and hadn’t had a chance to put the price sign up yet… it’s a good thing, because if he had, I might have thought twice about impulsively grabbing a jar!

Creme Anglaise contains almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, a saffron infusion and myrrh and vanilla. The scent… is fantastic!! If they bottled it and sold it as perfume, I’d probably buy a bottle. It’s a bit anise-y and vanilla-y and spicy… so good! It’s rich but not greasy and sinks right into my skin.

But the price…! It’s $44.95 A JAR! Egads! I have never paid that much for an 8 oz. container of body lotion before. I’ve paid that much for face care, true… so I guess really I just need to get over it. But I was still pretty shocked when I got my total at the register, but decided to just hand over my credit card anyway. The cream is amazing, I’ll savor it every time I slather it on and smell amazing for hours (the scent sticks around). It gets two thumbs up for fabulousness but only one thumb for price. It’s definitely splurge-worthy in my opinion though.

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