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Lush Tuca Tuca Perfume
Perfume, Reviews - September 23rd, 2010

Lush Tuca TucaI popped in to Lush the other day to check out what’s new, and was captivated by the newest fragrance Tuca Tuca. Whoa! It’s great!

This is the first spray perfume from Lush that I’ve tried. I am quite fond of the old Silky Underwear solid perfume, but it was a little difficult to apply. The new Tuca Tuca comes in two sizes, a 1 fl. oz. bottle for $29.95 and a 0.3 fl. oz. portable sprayer for $10.95. I bought the smaller size, just to try it out, and because the fragrance is REALLY strong. A little goes a long way! I actually kind of wish this one was a roll-on, because it would be easier to dab it on. There is a massage bar in this fragrance as well, which I’ll definitely get when I use up the one I have.

The notes are violet, cassie absolute, vanilla, ylang ylang, violet leaf, and vetiver. At first spray, I get a lot of fruit, and Jacob swore it smelled like raspberries. Then it starts getting spicy, with the ylang and violets kicking in. The drydown remains sweet, but also a little smokey from the vetiver and overall the violets stick around. I LOVE LOVE LOVE violet scents, and this is the first one that Jacob likes too.

Tuca Tuca has great staying power. I can still smell the fragrance on my skin hours later, and it has good sillage too. Overall, I give this one two enthuasiastic thumbs up, and I can’t wait to try the other new perfumes Lush is coming out with!

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