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Badger Balm: A Comprehensive Review
Best Of, Body Care, Earth Friendly, Hot Lips - October 17th, 2010

Badger Balm HandsI was pawing through a drawer the other day, looking for something, and realized that I have a LOT of Badger Balm products. You could say I have a bit of an addiction going. I decided it would be fun to write a comprehensive review of Badger products, since I own so many.

Badger Balm rocks for many reasons. First, the company is a family-run, family friendly business that works hard to create a healthy business with ethical and charitable principles. Go read their About page and be impressed! I love their principles, and I’m happy to support such a cool business. Many of the products are now Certified Organic as well.

Their packaging is simple, and beautiful. The tins are all recyclable, and everything features the adorable Badger artwork. Hands down, Badger has some of the most appealing packaging I’ve ever seen. The tins are portable, and the balm formulas travel well.

Anti-Bug Balm: This bug repellant ROCKS! It smells good, it feels good, and it works! It now also comes in a spray and a stick, for ease of application. I went camping with friends this summer, and everyone wanted to use my balm!

Cuticle Care: I love this stuff! Smells like lemons, and leaves my hands and cuticles soft. I love the softer texture from the high percentage of shea butter in this product. I rub it on my heels too.

Foot Balm: I wish the formula were a little softer, like the Cuticle Care. But that’s my only complaint. It smells good and feels awesome on tired feet. Bonus: the balm formula travels well, when you need some foot care after walking around all day on vacation!

Headache Soother: Hands down, my favorite Badger product. I’ve already used a whole a tin of this stuff, practically a record for me. I’m plagued with tension headaches, but generously rubbing this on the back of my neck, a dab on the temples and wrists, and some deep breaths, and my headaches lighten almost immediately. I ALWAYS have a tin of this with me. It’s a lifesaver.

Healing Balm: The Original Badger. Use it head to toe, watch your skin get happier!

Sleep Balm: Aromatherapy at its best. I’ll rub a little under my nose to help me fall asleep. Great for travel, since it can double as a hand & foot balm too.

Sore Muscle Rub: It really helps with sore backs, sore legs, sore whatever from working out or too much heavy lifting doing store shipment. Also doubles as sore feet balm. Love it!

Aromatic Chest Rub: My favorite stuff when I have a cold or worse. It seems to soothe the coughing, ease the breathing, clear up a stuffy head… and, it doubles as a foot balm! (Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with foot care? I have cranky feet.) Winter Wonder Balm was a cuter name, but Aromatic Chest Rub better explains what it does.

Yoga & Meditation Balm: The balm I use the least. It smells amazing, and is nice whenever I am spending a lot of time on the computer or just need to focus on a task.

Every Day Moisturizers: Smell great, feel great. See my review here.

Lip Tint & Shimmers: Fun in a tube. See my review here.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm: Yum in a tube. This is one of my favorite lip balm formulas, especially the coffee one. I’m addicted to that one. I love the larger size tubes.

Still on my Must Try list: SPF 30 Anti-Bug Sunscreen, kill two bugs, err, birds with one stone. Cheerful Mind Balm has some of my favorite aromas in it. I want to try Sore Joint Rub for my feet, because anything with arnica always helps them hurt less (I stand for 8+ hours a day on a hard tile floor).

So basically, Badger Balms rock. I always eagerly anticipate whatever fabulous formulas they’re cooking up next. Most of these products can do double or triple duty so you don’t have to have all of them like I do. But why not? They’re all so good…

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