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Dark Heart Designs Eyeshadow Review
Etsy, Eyeshadow, Swatches - February 13th, 2011

I feel the need to preface this post with a little more background about me. I work in retail. I do a lot of merchandising for my job. I also used to own my own business making soaps and lotions, and operated both locally and from a website. So I guess you could say I do know something about branding and building a business. I always like to see new cosmetics businesses on Etsy, especially ones who care about doing things right. I’m pleased to say that Dark Heart Designs is doing things right!

Let’s list the things I like. I like that each listing has a description of the color, the inspiration for the name, an explanation of what you’re getting (and a link to a descriptive video!), and the list of ingredients. Excellent! Tina (the owner) really seems to care about offering a good quality product that her customers can trust. I like this a lot!

My nitpicks about the shop are in the interest of seeing this nice company attract even more customers by improving the merchandising of the products. Mostly, I think the photography could be improved. I like the pictures of the jars, but it would be nice if they were shot in natural light (it’s so much more flattering and true to life), and if the focus issues could be fixed. In a lot of the pictures the jar is in focus but the actual eyeshadow powder is unfocused. I really like the branding with the logo design and the names. I think the shop is definitely headed in the right direction!

The shadows themselves are really nice. They have good pigmentation and wear really well. Some of them have sparkle, but I had no issues with fallout. I swatched them over UDPP, and I did use flash. (It washes them out. Too bad we don’t have enough daylight in Oregon right now, or I’d take my own advice on the natural light.) I particularly like Beautiful Nightmare!

My samples came in baggies, and a great brochure was included as well with a listing of colors and photos, and some info about the business. Great marketing!

Overall, I think Dark Heart Designs is still a young business, but definitely going places. I like how Tina really cares about her customers and interacts with them on the DHD Facebook page. You should check them out too!

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One Response to “Dark Heart Designs Eyeshadow Review”

  1. Nia Chea says:

    Hi, my name is Nia and i really love your site. I was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to have “swan eyes” I want to have this swan thing going on when i go to prom and i would like an idea on how to do it .