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Cargo PlantLove Green Glamour Kit
Eyeshadow, Reviews, Splurge Worthy - February 18th, 2011

I was checking things out on when I found this really amazing palette from Cargo’s PlantLove line called the Green Glamour Kit. It features all 18 eyeshadows from the PlantLove collection in one slim cardboard palette. Love it!

I have previously reviewed Cargo’s other PlantLove palette, the Green Goddess palette, which I really liked. I never did get around to buying anymore single shadows because they are $18 apiece and I’m cheap. When I saw the Green Glamour kit was $29 for all 18, I about fell out of my chair. They are smaller than the full-size individual shadows, but who cares? Smaller is better for me, I’ll never use it all up anyway.

The PlantLove eyeshadow formula is nice. All the colors except one (Loon) go on smooth and evenly, with nice pigmentation. Loon is the one exception – it seems to have a lot of glitter in it which results in it being rather gritty. It’s weird. Anyway, 17 out of 18 isn’t bad.

I swatched a bunch of the colors, which give an idea of how they look on skin. Iris is an amazing shade of dark purple, and Ivy is a pretty dark green. You can barely see it (it blends in to my skin almost perfectly) but Swan is a beautiful matte cream color. Parakeet is a great copper and Blue Jay is a nice navy blue. You can kind of see how gritty Loon is in the swatch.

Today I wore Finch on the lid, Peacock in the crease, and Blue Jay on the lower lashline. I love Finch, it’s a nice taupe-y grey color, and Peacock is definitely a peacock blue. I put Candy’s Sweet Treats Vanilla Bean on the browbone to highlight.

I’m standing in front of a window on a bright cloudy day so the colors are a little washed out. The blues are really vibrant and pretty. I’m also wearing MAC’s Opulash in Themyscira, the blue color from the Wonder Woman collection, which adds to the overall blue look. Love it!

If you are looking for an excellent value for some very wearable colors in a really nice formula, you should snag the Cargo Green Glamour Kit. It’s a steal!!

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2 Responses to “Cargo PlantLove Green Glamour Kit”

  1. Sweetiepaper says:

    those colours look lovely

  2. [...] love to bring Cargo’s Green Glamour Kit when I travel, because it has pretty much every color I might want to use. It’s really sad [...]