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A Note About Claire’s Beauty
About Claire, Site News - March 13th, 2011

I wanted to make a short post stating my values and the mission behind this blog.

First, I will always evaluate a company or product I review on its own merits. That means my review is based on MY experience with the company, the transaction, any communication, and the products themselves.

I work in cosmetics now. I also used to work for Sephora and was trained by them and their brands extensively. I used to own a business selling handmade soap and lotions and have spent literally YEARS reading everything I can on cosmetics formulation and safety. I believe this makes me quite knowledgeable about cosmetics, and I feel my experience means my readers can trust my opinions.

I do spend a great deal of time reading other beauty blogs. If a blogger whose opinion I respect has an appalling experience with a company or product, I may choose to avoid that company or product. Sometimes things aren’t so cut and dried, in my opinion, so I’ll try the company and products myself, and my reviews are based solely on my experience. They may differ from what readers find elsewhere.

My honesty and integrity are important to me. I want my blog to reflect that. I try to avoid supposition, assumptions, making decisions based on rumours, and second-guessing. If I recommend something, it’s because I had a good experience with it, and I have reasons to believe someone else who tries it will too. Sometimes I recommend products that didn’t necessarily work FOR ME, but only because it wasn’t the right product for my skin type or complexion color, and it’s still a good product. If I feel a product has merit, I recommend it. If I feel it has no merit, I don’t. It’s basically that simple.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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One Response to “A Note About Claire’s Beauty”

  1. Natalie - Bokeh Face says:

    Sounds like a good policy!