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One Hand Washes The Other Black Magic Soap
Complexion, Skin Care - March 22nd, 2011

I found One Hand Washes The Other when Grey from Le Gothique did a review of the Black Magic cleanser. I was intriqued… then I started “chatting” with Becca, the owner, on Twitter and decided that a test drive of Black Magic was in order. It’s definitely a win!

I ordered a sample size of the Black Magic Soap (solid, rather than the cream version) after asking Becca about the differences. I decided that my oily skin could deal with a bar soap just fine, and I liked the idea of trying the cute sample size. My order arrived with stickers (I love people who send me stickers) and a cute sample of a solid perfume in Sugar Skulls – yum! She had the package shipped out to me super-quickly, and once the bar was in my hot little hands I ran to the sink to give it a whirl!

The soap is black, and has a faintly medicinal scent to it. I was expecting the scent to be strong (and kind of dreading it, since I’m not fond of Tea Tree EO) but it’s not at all. It smells clean. The lather has small bubbles and is more creamy. I like it! It doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight, but just soft and comfortable. I’ve only had it a few days, so I can’t comment on any miracles yet, but my skin is happy and maybe even a SMIDGEN less oily! (I took the picture after a few uses, which is why it looks used!)

The bar form is very economical, in my opinion. If you treat it right, by keeping it on a draining soap dish so it doesn’t sit in water all day, it’ll last for a LONG TIME. I suspect this little nugget of a sample bar is going to last me at least two weeks. The full size bar is only $5.25, which is a GREAT price for such a good product.

If you have fussy, blemish prone skin, I think Black Magic Soap is worth checking out! Get the sample size, it’s a steal and you’ll get MANY washes out of it to really see how it works for your skin! Two thumbs up!

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One Response to “One Hand Washes The Other Black Magic Soap”

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