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Butter London Hen Party Nail Polish
Nails - April 15th, 2011

I needed to add something to a order to get free shipping, so I decided to try a new (to me) brand of nail polish. I purchased a butter London nail polish in the color Hen Party. It seems to be a hit around here!

butter LONDON seems to be based out of Seattle, which is cool (sort of local…) and are “3 Free” and High Fashion. Hen Party is described as a sheer opal lacquer. It looks very work-friendly, which is why I ordered it. The packaging has its pluses and minuses. I like the thinner shape, it has a smaller footprint that a square bottle (important if you have to store a LOT of nail polis). The lid consists of an outer plastic lid, and an inner screw-on lid. I can appreciate that the outer lid looks nice, but I personally think it’s just an excessive waste of plastic. You can get the best claer nails information click over here

My sister gamely volunteered to paint her nails with it and be my hand model – her hands are prettier than mine! (I posed her on one of her textbooks, lol, because I liked the bird.) The polish went on very evenly, with only two coats needed for a perfect milky opalescent look. It’s great! So far it seems to be wearing really well, with a single layer of topcoat. You can read up on tophealthjournalthe best option to nails care.

Overall, I’m digging my butter LONDON nail polish, and really need to get off my lazy butt and paint my own nails with it. Would I buy more? These little suckers aren’t cheap ($14 a bottle) but I like the formula. So, I probably would, there are some other pale colors that look good (Cream Tea, Pearly Queen, Teddy Girl) and I’m kind of obsessed with pale colors right now!

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3 Responses to “Butter London Hen Party Nail Polish”

  1. Luna says:

    I reeeally need to try these. I think next week is the release date for their Royal Wedding commemorative, which looks like a very pretty greyed blue-lavender. Supposedly they sell at Nordstrom and Ulta but I haven’t seen them there yet?

  2. Manda says:

    I keep seeing this nail polish mentioned all over. I must try it. This color is really pretty.

  3. Beautiful nails. Beautiful shiny color.