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Balenciaga Paris Perfume
Perfume, Splurge Worthy - May 27th, 2011

I love perfume. I think I’ve mentioned that a time or two. Because of how much I love perfume, I own rather a lot of bottles. (Understatement of the year, there.) This means I have gotten much, much pickier about making perfume purchases. I’ve slowed down my collecting tendencies a great deal, as I am literally running out of space. I’ve smelled a lot of perfumes that I’ve liked in the past little while, but none enough to inspire me to actually purchase a bottle. The last perfume I strongly considered was Michael Kors Island Palm Beach… which I may still buy. But this week, it was Balenciaga Paris that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

Balenciaga Paris is described as a violet chypre. It has notes of bergamot, spices, pepper, violet, carnation, oakmoss, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, and labdanum. I get a lot of pepper in the opening, and a hint of the citrus. Then the violet takes over and it becomes soft and a little powdery, but the spices and pepper keep it out of the death-by-powder range. Then it dries down to a musky scent that smells quite amazing. If you think you dislike patchouli or vetiver, not to fear. They are not a strong focus in this perfume.

The perfume feels like grownups, to me. It’s a scent that immediately says “This belongs on a woman’s skin.” This is not to say that it’s an old lady scent at all. Quite the contrary, actually. If I were to describe Balenciaga Paris as a person, she would be a 30-something woman with a career and a taste for the finer things in life.

I’m just really happy with this perfume. It’s subtle, yet beautiful. It makes me smile when I wear it. I kind of think of it as the perfume equivalent to a string of pearls. Well done, Balenciaga!

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3 Responses to “Balenciaga Paris Perfume”

  1. Manda says:

    Gosh this sounds awesome.

  2. John36 says:

    Very interesting post, you have a talent for writing – I like reading your posts.

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