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Lush Honey Trap & Mange Too
Best Of, Body Care, Hot Lips - May 29th, 2011

I can’t believe I didn’t know that Lush’s lip balm called Honey Trap has the same scent as their incredible massage bar Mange Too! Where have I been all this time?

I have been a fan of Mange Too for years. It’s made with cocoa, shea, and mango butters, white chocolate, bananas, honey, and a hint of peppermint. It smells AMAZING. It’s a little heavy on the skin, but with all those butters you’d expect that. It’s deeply moisturizing, and did I mention it smells AMAZING? I love to rub it into my arms, legs, and hands before bed. It’s probably my favorite massage bar that Lush offers.

Which brings me to Honey Trap… Honey Trap has shea butter, and white chocolate, and honey, and that delectable hint of peppermint. It’s definitely OM NOM NOM and smells just like Mange Too. It has a nice feel on the lips, decent lasting power, and I love the very subtle tingling sensation I get from the peppermint when I put it on. It works great under lipstick and lip gloss! It’s really delicious.

If you are a fan of sweet, vanilla-y scents that don’t smell like fake bakery, you must try Mange Too and Honey Trap. Two thumbs up.

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One Response to “Lush Honey Trap & Mange Too”

  1. Manda says:

    This sounds amazing. =O It’s been forever since I’ve been to a lush. Must change that.