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Lush Dirty Body Spray
Body Care, Perfume - June 4th, 2011

Lush’s newest line for men is called Dirty. The range of products carries a lovely clean scent (amusing, yes?) and includes body wash, body spray, cologne, shaving cream, and tooth cleaner. I recently purchased the body spray for myself, and I really like it! (It smells good on guys too…)

The notes are lavender, spearmint, tarragon, and sandalwood. It smells fresh, and clean (but not like laundry detergent, I hate that kind of clean smell) and really invigorating. It’s definitely more masculine, but I think girls can wear it. It’s made to be spritzed all over, and the nice sales associate suggested a direct hit to the pits for excellent deodorizing. It has terrific lasting power for a body spray, more like a perfume. It’s pretty strong stuff.

We FINALLY had a day that cracked 80 degrees in Portland today, so I wore my Dirty spray and felt very refreshed all day long. I wish the bottle weren’t quite so ugly (it looks like bathroom cleaner) but it’s functional which is what matters.

If you want a nice fresh scent, check out Dirty. I want to try the shower gel next.

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3 Responses to “Lush Dirty Body Spray”

  1. Luna says:

    I tend to love LUSH scents–they all smell so earthy and natural, yet still incredible. I think I need to smell this!

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  3. claire says:

    It’s very fresh, and I just love that it has tarragon in it. Smells weird, in a good way!