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Black Rose Minerals’ THEO!!!
Best Of, Cat, Eyeshadow - September 22nd, 2011

A while back on Twitter I mentioned how I’d rather have an Indie cosmetics company make my perfect dream color instead of a big corporate company. The lovely Rosa of Black Rose Minerals saw my tweet and offered to give it a whirl. The result is done: Theo!

What I requested was a neutral color like Skink (which I love) but with some green to it. See, I love to pair a neutral with a brighter color but all my taupe-y colors look muddy and not so pretty with greens or blues. I wanted something neutral but with something green going on so I could wear it with greens/blues. Voila! Theo. Theo has the taupe base but with a kickin’ green duochrome. IT IS FABULOUS.

Now, the name… Theo is my cat. He is also the inspiration for the color because he has some taupe-y neutral fur but these green green eyes. Yes, I’m one of those crazy cat ladies who really love their cats. Rosa is a sweetie and went with the name, and I’m really tickled about it.

This is Theo with Cyranose from Linnaeus Cosmetics. See how pretty they go together? It’s the perfect blend.

On my cheeks I have Detrivore Thing blush, and I’m wearing a Fyrinnae Lip Lustre. I HEART INDIE!!

I’m so happy with Theo! I hope lots of other people like it too! THANK YOU ROSA!!! YOU ARE SO CREATIVE AND AMAZING!!

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6 Responses to “Black Rose Minerals’ THEO!!!”

  1. Rosa says:

    I’M SO HAPPY YOU LOVED IT!!!! I will be putting it on the site in a few, just taking better swatch pictures. Thank you for the compliments! There is nothing wrong with being the “crazy” cat lady. I’m the crazy dog lady. =)

  2. coco says:

    pretty color! the label looks so cute too!
    i always wish i have a custom color made for me too! but i am so bad describing colors. i never know what i like until i see it.

  3. Ruuuuuski says:

    I can’t judge, I’m the crazy cat lady too! I tell people often (and loudly) that I like them more than I like most people. That color is really pretty; neutral with a kick!

  4. It’s nice to know Theo inspired you to put on your eye make up. :) He’s a beautiful cat BTW.

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