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Wild Carrot Herbals Skincare Review
Cat, Complexion, Get Local, Skin Care - October 9th, 2011

I’ve been eying Wild Carrot Herbals’ products for a long time. They are an Oregon company, making plant-based skincare and body care, as well as an entire baby line. I’ve watched this line grow and evolve, and decided it was time to purchase some things and give it a whirl. I’m really pleased so far!

Earlier this summer I bought a bottle of the Oregon Strawberry & Rose Toner, when I happened to give it a spray at our local grocery. It smelled amazing!! The toner really does smell like fresh strawberries mixed with the soft floral scent of roses. It’s alcohol-free, and it’s very soothing to the skin. I’m pretty much hooked on this and have bought a second bottle. The formula consists of strawberry essence, radish root extract, and Bulgarian rose essential oil. I like it for my oily skin, but any skin type could use it. It’s very refreshing on a warm day or after exercising.

I also bought (admittedly for the smell) the Cardamom Facial Cleanser after trying the toner. I’ve developed a real fondness for cream/milk type cleansers (the kind that don’t foam or lather) because they take makeup off like no ones business and leave my face happy and clean. This one is no exception, and has become my new favorite cream cleanser. It smells amazing, but more importantly, gets the job done with no breakouts or other problems. The formula is a simple one, with apricot oil and virgin coconut oil, and essential oils of cardamom and lemon. I think the lemon is a nice choice for oilier skin types as it’s a bit astringent. Cardamom essential oil, in my research, is also provides some antiseptic benefit.

I’m really interested in exploring more of the Wild Carrot Herbals line – like the Blue Burdock Moisturizer and the Soulshine Ambrosial Serum. If you can find these products in a natural grocery or health food store near you, do check them out! You can also order online. I give them two thumbs up!

(Theo looked like a good background for the product shots.)

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