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New Companies On Etsy
Etsy, Makeup Fun, Shopping - November 8th, 2011

There’s a whole slew of interesting new mineral makeup companies on Etsy I’m hoping to explore over the next few months. Here’s a look at them!

Pumpkin and Poppy is quite new and quite small, but I really want to try her foundation! The formula has stuff in it I’m looking for (like silica) and it just looks really appealing. Her blushes and eyeshadows are pretty too.

Cocovana Cosmetics has some very pretty looking lip products and some very pretty eyeshadows.

Muse Minerals has softer looking colors, that are still quite appealing nonetheless. I think this set of four is particularly pretty.

Simplicity Cosmetics has been getting some nice reviews (see here) and her colors also look lovely!

Pollen Cosmetics has some an excellent brand image, and the products also look wonderful. I’ve read good things about them too.

Innocent Twisted has been on my to-try list forever! I really need to check them out.

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