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EOTD: Scarlet Lemonade
Eyeshadow - November 8th, 2011

This is actually from Sunday, when I felt like “dressing up” a bit, because well, it was Sunday! LOL. I wanted to use pink and red, so I grabbed Sinister Scarlet from Morgana Cryptoria and Pink Lemonade from Hi-Fi Cosmetics. I haven’t actually used Pink Lemonade before, so I wanted to play with it.

Sinister Scarlet is a dark red color, not quite maroon. It has a nice sheen to it. Pink Lemonade is a shimmering pink with golden lemony sparkle. It’s quite sparkly. I like it a lot! I’ve read that Hi-Fi has improved their turn-around and customer service issues, so perhaps I’ll order again from them. I used Detrivore’s Lobotomy to highlight.

I am dumb and can’t remember what blush I used, but I do remember that I put Silk Naturals’ Heavenly Glow on top. It looks really dark on their website, but went on quite sheer with a big fluffy brush. My lip color is Morgana Cryptoria Amaranth Lip Balm.

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2 Responses to “EOTD: Scarlet Lemonade”

  1. Oh wow you look gorgeous, those colors are amazing on you!

  2. claire says:

    Thank you Christie, you’re so sweet :)