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Lush Is Trying To Steal My Wallet
Perfume, Shopping - November 17th, 2011

Lush just released a bunch of new perfumes and they all sound A-MAY-ZING! This is terrible! I want all the smellies…

First, is B Scent. B Scebt is described as “A romantic, floral fragrance with a fresh lemony top note” and has notes of lemon, bergamot, fennel, lavender, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and musk. I’m having a hard time imagining a lemon-y rose, but it sounds good.

Then there is 1000 Kisses Deep. Lush writes, “With a touch of citrus and deep resins, and osmanthus blossom absolute which provides a light apricot top note, a bit like having butterflies in your stomach; this perfume encompasses that powerful rush of emotion that we call love.” Oh man. I love the scent of osmanthus.

I love apples and cinnamon, therefore I love the description of Love. Love “has a fresh apple, cinnamon spice fragrance fit for men and women.” Mmmmm. I want some Love.

Dear John is supposed to be a man smell, but who cares about that? I only care if it smells good, and Dear John sounds pretty good on paper! This one has notes of lime, pine, coffee, coriander, clove, cedarwood, and vetivert. I’ll at least be giving it a sniff.

The Smell of Weather Turning. Just read the words. It sounds enchanting, doesn’t it? I think it does. It’s supposed to “combine the fresh feeling of rain with a darker, smokier character as it warms on the skin.” I wanna smell.

Then there is Superworld Unknown. It’s got notes of cocoa, vanilla, tonka, cassie, juniper, petitgrain, neroli, lime, lemon, bergamot, rose, ylang ylang, bensoin, and sandalwood. *whimpers*

Last, but not least, is Ladyboy. It has violets. I love violets.

Unfortunately for me, it sounds like they are all online-only. I’m still going to call the local store though, just in case.

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