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EOTD: Iced Monarch
Complexion, Eyeshadow, Makeup Fun - November 21st, 2011

A super-sweet friend of mine sent me some stuff from a few makeup companies that I haven’t tried yet (yay for de-stashing! I need to do this too…) so today’s makeup is using two new colors on my eyes, as well as a new cheek color. The new companies are Minna Cosmetics, Darling Girl Cosmetics, and Mae Minerals.

The lid color is Iced, from Minna. It is a peachy tan shimmer. I really, really like it! It is quite sparkly, so use a sticky base to maximize the sparklage, or don’t for a more subtle look. It seems like a nice formula, I didn’t have to go nuts to get good pigmentation, and it adheres well. Then again, I am using it on top of Pixie Epoxy, so I guess I’d have to try it without to really speak to that for sure. The crease color is Monarch from Darling Girl. It seems that Monarch is a GWP color that you can’t buy by itself. It’s like a wine-brown with tons of sparkle. It’s amazingly pretty, and is really making me want to investigate Darling Girl further. They are one of those companies I’ve been meaning to try forever, but get distracted by something else. The highlight is Vanilla Bean from Candy’s Sweet Treats.

The blush today is from Mae Minerals. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of Mae Minerals! They have been doing business since 2006, as Mae Minerals since 2010. The product I used on my cheeks is called a MVP, which stands for Mae Versatile Powders. You can use them on your eyes, cheeks, and in some cases, lips. The color I used is called Temptress, a pink and silver color. It’s very subtle, but pretty I think. I definitely will try it as eyeshadow too, I think it would be great.

My lipgloss is Morgana Cryptoria Lip Gloss in Silver Rainbow, blotted.

I’m excited to be trying out things from new (to me) companies!

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