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EOTD: Maleficent Pixie
Eyeshadow - December 1st, 2011

Today seemed like a purple kind of day, so I’m wearing Pixie from Madd Style Cosmetics and My Dark Magic from MAC. My Dark Magic is from the Venemous Villains collection, and I really really love Maleficent, so I had to get it.

Pixie is a pale purple with gold sparkles. My Dark Magic is a blackened purple with a frosty finish and a violet-tinged blue with a navy-black base. It has Maleficent on the packaging, and I think she’s one of the coolest Disney villains, so I ended up buying this shadow plus two lip glosses and the beauty powder from the collection when it came out last year.

The blush is the Briar Rose Beauty Powder, also from the Maleficent collection. It’s such a pretty pink color. I’m wearing the Black Cherry Hurraw! lip balm I reviewed the other day. It’s a little darker IRL, the flash washes it out a little.

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