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My Top Ten Favorite Indie Beauty Companies
Best Of, Makeup Fun, Shopping - December 3rd, 2011

A while back, Luna from Toxid Lotus tagged me to list my top ten favorite indie beauty companies. I’ve been very lazy about doing it, so today, I bring you MY top ten favorite indie beauty companies. These are in no particular order…

1. Linnaeus Cosmetics. The lovely Miss Marin is wonderful and awesome and her eyeshadows are just the bees knees. These are colors I reach for again and again. Her customer service is amazing and I can’t wait for her to open again in 2012.

2. Black Rose Minerals. So many of Rosa’s colors are also staples for me, like Skink and Minky. She also made Theo for me, my dream taupe-y color with a green duochrome. She has a great selection of colors!

3. One Hand Washes The Other makes Black Magic Soap, which will save your face from evil. Becca also makes some of my now favorite scents to wear, like Pasticceria and Victuals. You NEED to check out her solid scents if you haven’t already!

4. My Pretty Zombie makes some of the most creative colors I have – like Thunderpants, Unicorn Pee, and the whole Animal Husbandry set. I love her duochromes, and the owner is a sweetheart. She has awesome customer service.

5. Detrivore Cosmetics makes the Best Blush Ever. No, really. Poison, Thing, and Clotted are colors I reach for ALL THE TIME. In fact, I’ve had to make myself reach for others just so I use them up. As if that wasn’t enough, Distorria also makes beautiful eyeshadows (Lobotomy, Cremains…) and now she has good smelling things too!

6. Meow Cosmetics has been a favorite mine for a long, long time. I have so many eyeshadow colors from them, and they are all beautiful. They also make excellent blushes and I really love the crystalline glow powders. They have sales and free shipping quite often, so it’s worth it to get on their mailing list so you get the notices!

7. Silk Naturals is a new favorite. Everything I’ve tried has been excellent, from blushes to eyeshadows to my favorite, the Kisser Slicker Lipgloss Sticks.

8. Fyrinnae. Yes, I know, half the time you want to shop they’re not there and that’s frustrating. BUT! Pixie Epoxy is a holy grail item for me, and I love their Lip Lustres and eyeshadow, so they’re on my top ten list.

9. Brazen Cosmetics makes some of my favorites lip glosses EVER! I also really like their eyeshadow, and I want to try some of the face powders too, like the night time formula.

10. Hmm. I don’t have a tenth right now.

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