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Detrivore Pallor Mortis + Pumpkin & Poppy Foundation = Happy!
Best Of, Complexion - January 14th, 2012

I ordered Detrivore Cosmetics’ Pallor Mortis Dehydrating Powder recently, as well as a full size of Pumpkin & Poppy’s Peach mineral foundation. The two combined make for a very happy complexion!

Pallor Mortis Dehydrating Powder is designed to be an oil control product that also gives a transparent white cast to the skin. It’s not meant to be full coverage, and it doesn’t really make your skin all dried out. What it does do is provide some excellent oil control, beating back even the shiniest of shinies, and doing it with a lovely texture and feel to boot. I think you’d have to apply it pretty heavily to get a significant white cast to the skin – but then I’m on the tan side so it’s possible I’m just too dark to get a good whitening effect. It does whiten things up a bit, but if you are darker like me, it’s not going to be dramatic. Pallor Mortis makes an excellent primer for mineral foundation, in my opinion.

Pumpkin & Poppy’s Full Coverage Mineral Foundation comes in a container with a closeable sifter – NICE! I prefer these SO MUCH since they are so nice if you have to take your foundation on the road. I’ve already reviewed the formula, so I won’t go into it in detail again.

Together, the worst of my skin imperfections are minimized. My skin is freaking out right now (yay hormones!) and is all rough and bumpy and I have some large blemishes to boot. The two products smooth everything out so nicely, absorb the excess oil so I don’t get shiny within an hour or two, and just generally make my skin look a lot nicer than it really is. This combination is my current recipe for complexion perfection.

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2 Responses to “Detrivore Pallor Mortis + Pumpkin & Poppy Foundation = Happy!”

  1. Luna says:

    I have a sample of their rice paper foundation that I have yet to try. The owner is REALLY nice she said if the rice paper was too dark she’d either send me some of her white foundation when she makes more or she’d mix them and send me a sample. =D

    Also I need that powder from Detrivore.

  2. claire says:

    That’s awesome! I’m really happy to have found a foundation formula I like to replace Bokeh Face. Also. Pallor Mortis rocks, I think you will like it :D