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Detrivore Cosmetics’ Blush
Best Of, Complexion - January 15th, 2012

My friend Luna at Toxid-Lotus has very helpfully photographed and swatched all of the Detrivore Cosmetics Blushes!! You must go see!

Part One has Poison and Bloodbath, which I own. Poison is a definite favorite color. After seeing these pictures, I’ve decided I NEED Indecent too.

Part Two
has Thing, which is another favorite of mine. I really want Spoiled and Concubine now.

Part Three has Gallows, Clotted, and Apocalyptic (I have the eyeshadow, it’s the same formula), which I own.

Go check it out!

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3 Responses to “Detrivore Cosmetics’ Blush”

  1. Luna says:


  2. Rosa says:

    I am well on my way to having them all. Only need to get four more. =)

  3. claire says:

    The really pale purple is close to Bokeh Face’s Lotus so I can resist that one. And since I have TWO of the dark reds, I don’t need the third. But I MUST HAVE ALL THE PINKS!!! Hence the three that are on my list, lol!! The next time Distorria has a 3 for $10 blush sale, they’re mine.