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Review: Sothys Skincare
Reviews, Skin Care - September 5th, 2008

BottleThanks to a super-nice PR person, I’ve been trying four Sothys skincare products for the last month. Prior to trying out these products, I hadn’t really been aware of Sothys (pronounced so-tees). It’s a French brand, started in 1946, and the products are made in France. I get a fair amount of offers to try various skincare products, but I usually only accept the ones with products that I could actually afford to purchase again. Sothys is a line that’s affordable, so I decided to give it a go.

The products I’ve been using are the Oxyliance Fluid, the Active-Contour Age Defying Cream, the Active-Contour Tensor Gel, and the Active-Contour Destressing Mask.

Oxyliance Fluid is a moisturizer for combination/oily skins that is supposed to help boost cellular activity and leave skin radiant and luminous. It’s also supposed to help mattify and absorb oil. I can’t speak to the cellular activity (what does that mean, anyway?) but I can definitely say my skin looks great. Am I radiant and luminous? Yes! In fact, in the last month my skin has looked fantastic, and while I hesitate to say it’s never looked better (don’t we always think that after trying something new?), I am definitely a HUGE fan of this face cream. I like the scent, I like the texture, I like how my skin feels. It’s light, not greasy, sinks in quickly, and helps control shine. It’s not the most mattifying thing I’ve ever tried, but it’s definitely helpful in that regard. Love it!

The other three products are eye products. First, the Tensor Gel. This is a formula not unlike the Clarins Eye Contour Gel I was using. It is supposed to be help with firmness around the eye area for instant radiance. The good: love the pump bottle, love how light it is (I apparently have a thing for gels), like how my skin feels after. The bad: it’s very liquid, so it can shoot out of the pump and squirt all over. Pumping very gently solves this problem. The verdict: about the same as the Clarins product, but less expensive. I look more awake in the morning, and my eye area is smooth. I probably wouldn’t buy this again, simply because I’m smitten with the next product.

The Active-Contour Destressing Mask rocks. It’s a gel (not liquidy this time, a true gel) that you can apply morning or night (or whenever you need to look fresh and awake). How much do I love this in the morning? If you wake up with any puffiness at all, this takes it right down. It has ivy extract in it, which should help with dark circles. I’ll put it on right after I get out of the shower in the morning, so it’s pretty much soaked in by the time I get around to putting on my skincare products. I look awake, totally puff-free, and even the hereditary dark circles look less prominent. Pat on a little of some moisturizing eye cream and you’re set.

The Age Defying Cream is the cream counterpart to the gel, but it does more. It’s supposed to help with fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. It’s a cream, but in a pump bottle, and it’s not too heavy or thick. It soaks right in. I’ve been using it at night (and the Tensor Gel in the morning), and I’m quite happy with it. The main thing with eye creams is that they shouldn’t give me milia, as many do. This one passes that test. It’s not unlike the Clarins Eye Contour Balm, and is a similar price. I think the ideal eye routine for me would be to use this morning and night, with the Destressing Mask in the morning as needed.

Overall I’ve been very pleased with the Sothys products I’ve been using. I only wish it were easier to find them locally – it seems that ordering online is going to be my best bet.

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