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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Charity, Shopping, Site News - October 1st, 2008

October BCAOctober 1st kicks off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I’ll be doing a lot of BCA-themed posts this month, mostly around the companies that donate a portion of their proceeds from the sale of specific products. My grandma is a breast cancer survivor, so it’s a personal topic for me.

I’m not unaware of the controversy surrounding BCA-themed products. There are organizations that are highly critical of so-called “pink products” because they see it as just another crass marketing ploy, playing on people’s emotions to sell more products. While I agree with the plan outlined here by Breast Cancer Action, it is with reservations about their methods. I believe that vilifying companies for promoting breast cancer awareness is counter-productive to getting public support for said plan. It turns people off. Not everyone can afford a big direct donation, and being able to participate in fund-raising by buying a product you were going to buy anyway makes people feel good. (And please read Paula Begoun’s article on preservatives, since I think it helps clear up some misinformation promoted here about cosmetics companies.)

Anyway, this is a beauty blog, not a political or activist blog, so I’m going to focus on beauty. I just wanted to get that minor rant out of the way. I believe that BCA-themed products are a good thing, and that’s why I want to promote them this month. As personal statement, I also believe that the most effective way to show your support for breast cancer awareness is to donate directly to the non-profit of your choice. If you do want to donate directly, I recommend Charity Navigator, a website that rates non-profits on how efficiently they use their money.

I’m a proud member of the Beauty Blog Network, whose members are committing to raising awareness and money for the cause this month. If you visit the site, you’ll find a place to make a direct donation, as well as links to other members who are participating.

Thanks go to Carol Sutton for the button.

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