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EOTD: Grey Skies
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - March 1st, 2012

The weather has been a little crazy, with actual snow hitting the ground last night (although it didn’t last past mid-morning). So this eye makeup is dedicated to grey skies and late winter cold dreariness. I used some more Brazen colors, and went with a nice bright lip color to offset all the grey.

The color on the lid is Iced, from Brazen Cosmetics. Iced is a sparkly light grey color, and I love how opaque it is. It’s really a great color! The crease color is Label Whore from Too Faced, a dark grey-brown with a strong green-blue iridescence. I just LOVE this color and always forget I have it (although I have several that are quite similar). I used Ice Princess, a limited edition color from Pumpkin & Poppy to highlight. I really wish I’d written about this color sooner, just so you readers still had a chance to buy it! edited to add: It’s a permanent color now! Go get it! It’s so pretty, a creamy white with gold, orange and red duochrome with silver sparkle. It’s a really pretty highlight color. As long as I was digging out sadly neglected products, I chose my BADgal kohl liner pencil from Benefit to use on the upper and lower lashline. BADgal isn’t as dark and rich on the waterline as kohl powder, but it’s easier to use and almost as good.

I decided to use Millenium eyeshadow (also from Brazen) on my cheeks, for something more subtle than blush. Millenium is a beautiful pink champagne color that gives a nice sheen on the cheeks. It worked nicely since I was planning on doing a bold lip color and I didn’t want it to be too much with the dark eye makeup.

The lip gloss is Brazen’s Paint The Town, from their collection of glosses inspired by cocktails. Isn’t it HAWT?!? It’s a hot raspberry pink with purple sparkles and color shifting glitter. It tastes like a red headed slut, yum! (LOL.)

What are your favorite colors to wear on a nasty, wintry day?

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7 Responses to “EOTD: Grey Skies”

  1. chrissyroze says:

    Love the look.. ur adorable!!!

  2. claire says:

    Thanks Chrissy! <3

  3. I actually made Ice Princess permanent since so many people like it:) I have it listed under eyeshadows in my shop if anyone wants it:)

  4. Luna says:

    This is so pretty on you. =D

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  7. claire says:

    Thanks Kristy! I edited to point that out!