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This Is What AWESOME Looks Like
I Am Age, Site News - March 15th, 2012

So I was laying awake last night thinking about the media and society and notions of beauty and this article I read about how scientists have developed software that can detect digital photo retouching. We see pictures of people on websites and in magazines, but are they actually real? Or are they simply a creation of a digital retoucher aka “photoshopper”? What do REAL people actually look like? How can we challenge these notions of false and unattainable beauty?

I came up with an idea I’d like to share with you, and hope that you’ll be interested enough to participate too. I’d like to start a project on my blog and call it “I Am (Age)” where Age represents the actual age of the participant. I’d like to display un-retouched pictures of women and men, to show the world (the Internet world anyway) what REAL people look like. We’re all unique and beautiful in our own way. I’d like to share that. In order to do this, I need pictures of people of all different ages. I decided I’d ask you, my readers and friends, to join me on this project and send me your pictures.

I envision this as an on-going project, where I feature one or two people with each blog post. For example, I’m 33. So my first blog post will be “I Am 33″ and I’ll use my picture.

Read on if you’d like to participate!

To participate in the I Am (Age) project please submit by email to the following:

1 – A picture of your face. Makeup or no makeup, either way is okay. I want it to represent YOU, the way you feel most comfortable and yourself. (Please don’t photoshop your picture. That would defeat the purpose of what I’m trying to do here.)

2 – The name you’d like used on the website (can be real or a pseudonym)

3 – Your age when the picture was taken

Optional but encouraged:

1 – A body picture. I’d love to show your whole person, so if you feel comfortable please send a picture of your whole body. Sitting, standing, action shots – all good! Or, send me a picture of just your hands.

2 – Your website, if you’d like to share

3 – Any biographical details you’d like to share, such as where you’re from, what your hobbies are, what you think of my project :)

Only the face picture, name, and age are required to participate. If you have questions, just email me! Thanks for reading, and check back soon for the start of the I Am (Age) Project.

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5 Responses to “This Is What AWESOME Looks Like”

  1. Ruuuuuski says:

    that is so freakin’ awesome!

  2. claire says:

    Thanks Ruuuuuski! I’d love to have you participate :D

  3. Ruuuuuski says:

    will do! i’ll make a thingie and send it over.

  4. eight says:

    OOh, I’d love to participate. I’m going to need to take some pics.

  5. Ooooh I need to get some new photos taken now that I’m (ahem) 42, so I’d love to do this!! :D