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EOS: Evolution Of YUM
Best Of, Body Care, Cheap Thrills, Hot Lips - March 16th, 2012

I discovered eos (Evolution of Smooth) for the first time when I found their lip balm spheres in a drugstore in New York City. Because that was an awesome trip (and the lip balm was great too), I’ve regarded the brand fondly ever since. Since then, they’ve expanded their line to include some new products, including a medicated lip balm and a hand lotion.

The lip balm in the stick comes in three flavors, and I’ve used the Vanilla Bean. The formula seems just a smidgen softer than the sphere formula, but I wouldn’t describe one as better than the other. You’d pick the stick because you want vanilla (no vanilla in the sphere shape) or because you prefer the stick shape to the sphere shape. It’s a nice formula, with olive oil and shea butter. The stick shape is easier to carry in your pocket, for sure.

I have a new favorite sphere flavor too, the Strawberry Sorbet. It’s seriously yummy. The new Medicated Tangerine formula is pretty good too. I had to look up what the medicated part was all about – since the eos website is a little vague. The Medicated part is phenol, which helps reduce the itching and burning associated with dry chapped lips and cold sores. Phenol also helps to gently remove old, dry and peeling skin found on very chapped lips. It’s a common active ingredient in medicated lip balms for chapped lips. For winter time, you can’t beat the Medicated Tangerine for keeping your lips soft and protected. Like the stick, the formulas include olive oil and shea butters to nourish and hydrate. eos is definitely my favorite drugstore brand lip balm! The little sphere shapes are just so cute, and all the flavors are yummy. I haven’t tried the Lemon Drop SPF yet, but it’s on my list.

The hand lotion is another new product. I love the packaging! The little pod shape is so cute and the 1.5 oz size is perfect for tucking in your purse. I tried the Berry Blossom, which is a sweet fruity fragrance. The scent doesn’t linger too long on your hands, which I like. The formula sinks right in, with no greasy feel. It has some nice vegetable oils like sunflower, macadamia, and shea butter to nourish and hydrate your skin. It’s a cute little nugget and it works great too! The small size is also air travel friendly.

I’m still a huge fan of the eos shaving cream. I’ve been pretty devoted to the Vanilla Bliss, but I have to say the Pomegranate Raspberry is seriously YUM smelling too. I’m a big fan of the container – the pump is easy to use, and the plastic is soft and doesn’t hurt as much if you drop it on your foot (as I tend to do). I’ve tried other formulas, but I keep coming back to eos.

I haven’t tried the eos body lotions yet, but they’re next on my list!

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3 Responses to “EOS: Evolution Of YUM”

  1. Luna says:

    How do you use the shaving cream? That probably sounds like a derpy question, but I purchased the Pomegranate Raspberry and found that it leaves an oily residue that clogs my razor and tends to ball up and roll off my skin before I can even shave, which leaves me razor burned and sore. ._______. I must be doing it wrong.

  2. claire says:

    Weird. I haven’t had an issue with it balling up before. Maybe a bad batch? It’s supposed to have a texture like a thick lotion, which should spread easily on your skin and rinse off easily from the razor. O.o Balling up and rolling off makes me wonder if there is something wrong with your bottle. Are you using it on wet or dry skin?

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