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Lavanila The Healthy Sunscreen Review
Reviews, Skin Care, Sun Care - May 18th, 2012

I started a walking program last week, in which I walk for an hour a day, five days a week. Combine that with a desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors when the sun is shining, and I need SUNSCREEN! Expect to see more posts about sunscreen in the coming weeks as I try out new products to find the ones I really like!

I recently tried out Lavanila’s The Healthy Sunscreen SPF 40 Face Cream and The Healthy Lip Screen SPF 30. These are both natural products with mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens work by using either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (or both) to block UV rays. Typically, mineral sunscreens have a heavier or thicker feel on the skin, which some people may not like. However, mineral sunscreens are also less likely to cause irritation for sensitive skin.

The SPF 40 Face Cream is a rich lotion. It’s described as ultra sheer, but in my opinion, it’s not sheer at all. It’s definitely quite emollient, so if you have dry skin you’re going to love it. If you are oily, maybe not so much. On no-makeup days, when I’m less prone to care about getting the shinies from my oilier skin, I liked it just fine. Under makeup, I really want something less emollient (and thus less likely to be contributing to my oilies). Usually if I’m wearing makeup though, I’m less concerned with wearing a high SPF lotion, since my makeup provides some SPF protection as well. If you’re looking for a mineral-based chemical-free sunscreen with a higher SPF, this one is worth a look. It’s a nice formula, especially for drier skin types. If you’re particularly oily, you might want to see if you can try a sample first. The light vanilla scent (it’s quite light, barely noticeable) is really pleasant. At $28 for 1.8 oz., it’s a pretty good value for a higher-end face cream with sunscreen.

I’m kind of on the fence about recommending the Healthy Lip Screen. On the one hand, high SPF products for the lips are still relatively uncommon – SPF 15 or less is more commonly seen, especially for mineral sunscreens. The Healthy Lip Screen is SPF 30. However, it is a bit pricey ($16 for .38 oz, compared to $8.49 for Badger’s 0.65 oz. stick). It also contains lanolin, which some folks avoid for ethical or allergy reasons. I personally am not a fan of the minty flavor, but that’s totally my personal preference (I really dislike mint) – some people love mint. I also don’t love the pot-style packaging. If you’re looking for a higher SPF lip balm in a softer, easy to apply formula, you might like this one. It does work really nicely under lipstick or gloss, which is a mark in its favor. Myself, I’ll probably skip purchasing it, however. Edited 6/21/12: I am upgrading my opinion of the lip balm. I really like it a lot, and I’m finding that the SPF 30 level of protection is pretty unique. Most lip balms really are only SPF 15 or lower, and higher protection is better if you’re out in the sun all day. So, I firmly give it my seal of approval!

Overall, I give the SPF 40 Face Cream one thumb up. Check it out if you want a really moisturizing natural sunscreen.

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