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Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Continuous Spray Sunblock Review
Body Care, Sun Care - May 28th, 2012

Since I’ve been outdoors a lot more recently (and will continue to be) I needed to get a sunscreen for the body. I’ve been wanting to try a spray-on one, so I decided to try out the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Continuous Spray in SPF 30.

I’ve tried other spray-on sunscreens and I find that I generally like the method of application. One of my objections to sunscreen is the texture – it tends to be thick and greasy and just not very nice. The spray formulas have a lighter feel on the skin. My second objection is usually scent – even “unscented” ones have that sunscreen smell which is what I really dislike.

The Hawaiian Tropic formula didn’t disappoint, texture-wise. One of the “user errors” most common with sunscreen is not using enough. With a spray formula it’s pretty easy to really go to town with the product and make sure you’ve got a really good coat on your skin. It’s also easy to spray harder to reach places. It feels a little sticky for a minute or two, but once it’s really dry it doesn’t feel like much on the skin.

The scent is definitely a selling point for me. It has Hawaiian Tropics’ signature coconut scent – and it’s pretty nice! You can smell it while you’re applying the sunscreen, but it doesn’t really linger. It doesn’t have much of that “sunscreen smell” that I dislike, so it’s all good.

The formula has broad spectrum sunscreens (it protects against both UVA and UVB), as well as some botanical ingredients. I’m not sure that the botanicals are present in a quantity that’s significant, but they come before fragrance on the list, so I figure they are a plus. It’s an alcohol-based formula, as most sprays are, for quick evaporation. I don’t notice that it dries my skin out particularly, but if you have really dry skin, you might prefer a lotion formula. It does have some aloe in it which probably helps to balance out the drying alcohol. It is a chemical sunscreen (as opposed to a physical sunscreen like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide), which some people might not like. Myself, I’m comfortable with the safety record of both kinds of sunscreen.

Overall, I’m quite happy with Hawaiian Tropic’s spray formula. I bought the SPF 30 version, and there is also an SPF 50 version, as well as a fragrance-free version. I’m curious about the Hawaiian Tropic lotion formulas, so I will probably check one out too. Just for science…

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2 Responses to “Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Continuous Spray Sunblock Review”

  1. Integgy says:

    I went sunscreen shopping last night, and looked all over this stuff because I was curious about it after your review, but apparently they don’t carry it in my loca CVS stores. My stores only had the SPF 6 and SPF 15 “tanning” spray-on sunscreen versions of Hawaiian Tropic. I ended up just getting the regular non-spray version of the SPF 30 though, because it was one of the few sunscreens on sale (and damn, sunscreen is expensive).

  2. claire says:

    Bummer! The lotion versions smell good too. :)