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Shiro Cosmetics Lip Swatch Extravaganza!
Hot Lips, Reviews, Swatches - June 20th, 2012

I am really, really excited to be sharing with you lip swatches of all of Shiro Cosmetics’ newest Intertube colors! They are all really super fabulous and it’s hard to pick which ones are my favorites.

First things first. The Intertube formula is great. It’s a tinted lip balm formula, with shea butter and jojoba oil providing some serious emolliency. It’s not too hard, not too soft, definitely not draggy on the lips and the staying power is pretty good for a tinted balm. I have all the love for this formula!

Now for the colors! They vary in their opacity, but none of them are wimpy or excessively sheer. All of them provided a nice bold color, just as you’d expect from the color in the tube. A word about the darkest and lightest shades: Because this is more of a balm-y formula vs. a thick lipstick formula, the whitish shade and black shade are a bit fussy. More on that in a bit. I applied all of these with a lip brush. Applying straight from a tube should give a more even appearance, so any streaks are largely the result of the lip brush.

Battletoads is a marshy green-brown with copper and green shimmer. I am really attracted to this shade, probably because it’s not your typical brown. The bit of green shimmer gives it an oddness that’s quite cool.

Insanity Wolf is a pale cool grey with the faintest hint of purple. This is one of the fussy colors. Without blanking out your lips with foundation first, it’s probably always going to be a bit streaky. That’s just the nature of a non-chalky formula. Personally, I think Insanity Wolf is great to have around to tone down/alter the color of other lipsticks/balms. You could have a lot of fun mixing it on your lips to make pastel versions of your favorite colors.

Magnets is a plum color with a strong silver sheen. OOOOH! I really love Magnets! I don’t have anything like this color, it’s unique and fun and so wonderfully PLUMMY. You need Magnets.

Me Gusta is black. It’s also a bit fussy if you’re trying for a total black-out on the lips. Personally, I love the more sheer yet still vampy look of this one. It would also be great for deepening your favorite lip colors.

Ridiculously Photogenic is a deepened fuchsia. Z.O.M.G. I LOVE THIS COLOR. You really need this if you love that “I’ve been eating berries all day” lip stain look. It’s ridiculously beautiful, is what it is. THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE.

Smashing is a pinky-purple color. It’s quite awesome. Not too bubblegum and very wearable, Smashing is great for livening up your summer makeup.

Trololo is a vivid, slightly reddened tangerine. It looks a little more red on my lips because they were a bit reddened from rubbing off previous colors. If you are looking for a very wearable orange color, pick up Trololo. It’s super-fab, especially for summer!

Why Not Zoidberg? is tied with Ridiculously Photogenic for my favorite of these new colors. I LOVE IT SO HARD. It’s a bright coral, and it’s HAWT. You need it. REALLY.

I’m adding Forty Cakes because I had a sample of it, although it’s not new. Forty Cakes is a bright hot pink. It’s not neon, so still quite wearable without singeing anyone’s eyeballs. I happen to love hot pink, so I’m all over this shade.

Which of the new Intertubes are YOUR must-haves? Good luck trying to pick!!

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One Response to “Shiro Cosmetics Lip Swatch Extravaganza!”

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