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L’Occitane Angelica Cleanser & Scrub Review
Reviews, Skin Care, Splurge Worthy - June 28th, 2012

When I’m feeling splurge-y, I really like L’Occitane’s face care products. The Angelica line is newer, introduced last year for dehydrated skin. Basically, it’s for anyone who needs hydration but not emolliency. I’ve used the Angelica Cleansing Gel and the Angelica Exfoliating Gel. I like them both!

The Angelica Cleansing Gel is a foaming cleanser. It contains angelica extract, and some peppermint. It’s made to remove makeup and cleanse the skin without being too harsh. It has a nice lather, and does a decent job removing makeup. While it’s supposed to be good for all skin types, personally I think it’s better suited to normal/combination skin. I didn’t find it drying, but I have really oily skin. I think drier skin types might find it a bit much. A little bit goes a long way, so while it is pricey, a bottle is going to last a while.

The Angelica Exfoliating Gel is a real winner, especially if you have sensitive skin. It has a fascinating texture – it’s soft, but still exfoliating. If you like a really SCRUBBY scrub, this one isn’t it. But if you have sensitive skin that just can’t take something with really scrubby bits, you’ll love it. It really reminds me of gommage-style product, which uses the rubbing motion of your fingers combined with a softer texture to do the exfoliating work. It’s still quite effective, my skin feels really soft and smooth after using it. This product is definitely splurge-worthy.

The Angelica Cleansing Gel and Exfoliating Gel get two thumbs up!

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