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One Hand Washes The Other Haul Post
Perfume, Reviews - July 7th, 2012

I have more stuff from OHWTO to write about, because I can’t stop myself from throwing money at Becca. IT’S ALL SO GOOD!!! I ordered another Snayk Oyle because I can’t get enough of it, plus a few more solid scents. SO HAPPY.

The Snayk Oyle is in the fragrance Besos del Sol. It’s really, really awesome for summertime (or for reminding you about summer, if it happens to not be summer where you are right now). Besos del Sol has notes of creamy coconut and white gardenia star, supported by notes of white grapefruit, resinous amber, jasmine, a touch of deep, smoky vetivert, and a dash of bourbon vanilla. It is not overly coconut-y or overly floral, but rather a nice blend of everything that reminds me of suntan lotion and swimming pools, circa 1994. It’s the smell of my teenage summers, in a bottle. Snayk Oyle, should you need reminding, is an awesome body moisturizer that’s perfect for slathering over your skin after a shower. You’ll smell good for hours afterwards.

Stolen Bouquet and Tilly are summer scents, so snag ‘em now if you think you want them. Stolen Bouquet is a blend of purple flowers – lilacs and violets, accented with orchids, with a dash of powdery vanilla added to ground the scent. It’s so pretty, and very floral. I love how feminine it is. Tilly is described as “sweet, juicy peaches, rows upon rows of tomato plants ready to harvest, damp earth and Lily-of-the-Valley underfoot, a trail of fragrant honeysuckle, and a locket filled with intoxicating amber.” It’s not nearly as fruity as I was expecting it to be. It really is a well balanced scent, with no single note demanding attention. They’re both lovely for summer, and I look forward to wearing Tilly in the dead of winter, to remind me of July.

Lost At Sea is from the Private Stock collection (thus available year-round), and I’m in love. It’s got coconuts, citrus fruits, and salty sea air. I like it better than Latitude (from the Summer collection) just because it’s a little less about the sweet and a little more about the fresh sea air. It’s still definitely coconut, and I love me some coconut smells, but let’s just say I’m happy I have a full size Lost At Sea and I’m content to just have samples of Latitude.

I got a Buttella Solid Scent because I just had to have ALL THE BUTELLAS. Yup, I’m a sucker like that. I have my jar of original Buttella Whipped Cocoa Butter, half empty now (and I hear that the whipped awesomeness will come in OTHER SMELLS this winter! ZOMG!), Buttella Snayk Oyle, and now Buttella Solid Scent to carry with me for a portable chocolate-smell fix. Buttella’s notes are creamy hazelnut spread made with skim milk and cocoa, smoothed out with vanilla notes.

Just FYI, OHWTO’s Halloween smells (some of them, anyway) are available just this weekend, at least until Halloween. Go see!

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