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OHWTO Queen Bea & Violette Solid Scent Review
Perfume, Reviews - August 11th, 2012

I’ve almost got all the One Hand Washes The Other summer scents now, either in full size or sample form. I just need Eva, Tea Rose Mimosa, and Berry Amber to make my life complete, lol. ANYWAY. My last OHWTO order included Queen Bea and Violette Solid Scents, so I wanted to do a quick little review since summer is going by quickly and they’ll soon be gone.

Violette smells like my childhood. I still can’t put my finger on WHAT, exactly, but for some reason violet smells trigger a very strong scent memory from my childhood. I think it might have been a soap or bubble bath or something like that. Violette’s notes are wood violets, leather, and honeycomb. It’s not strictly a violet scent though – it’s not very powdery at all, like you might expect with violets. It reminds me of a shampoo I’ve used, actually, which is not a bad thing. It’s very fresh, and a bit sweet, and just really NICE. If Violette were a person, she’d be Miss Congeniality.

Queen Bea is sexy. It’s got apricots, lots and lots of apricots, and honey, plum wine, peonies, freesia, a whiff of violet, cardamom, and white patchouli. I get a big dose of apricot first (I LOVE apricot smells), and then the honey and spices start to warm things up, and then the flowers bloom. It’s soo good, especially if you’re a sucker for apricot, like I am. I lurve it.

I have samples of One Hand Washes The Other’s upcoming Halloween scents. You jealous?

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3 Responses to “OHWTO Queen Bea & Violette Solid Scent Review”

  1. eRiN says:

    Cool, now I want the hell out of Queen Bea. THANKS xD

  2. Daintynymph says:

    When I smelled Violette in the vial, it was amazing. I wanted to cover myself with it and lick my skin. Once I put it on though, I got lots of powder, so it pretty much just smelled like old lady perfume. I was super bummed but it just goes to show that body chemistry is a big deal when wearing perfume.