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butter LONDON Autumn/Winter 2012
Nails, Shopping - August 13th, 2012

I really like butter LONDON’s nail polish. They recently released their Autumn/Winter colors, and they all look sooo pretty! Check them out!

Dodgy Barnett is a holographic lacquer in between grey and silver. This one is definitely piquing my interest!

Gobsmacked is a charcoal grey glitter nail lacquer with a slightly textured finish. It has silver glitter. It looks like a sparkling night sky, and I wannit! I don’t usually dig glitters so much, but this one looks beautimous.

Lovely Jubbly is magenta nail lacquer flecked with red, blue and gold micro-particles. It looks pretty, but a little busy for my taste.

Shag is a metallic burgundy wine color. I always love the deep burgundy colors!

Trustafarian is a sage green color with a golden holographic finish. I like the green!

Lacquered Lover has some nice swatch photos of the collection here. There are good swatch pics here as well!

Which of these do you think are must-have colors?

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4 Responses to “butter LONDON Autumn/Winter 2012”

  1. I’m so drooling over Butter’s fall collection. Trustafarian and Gobsmacked are calling out to me.

  2. claire says:

    Aren’t they soooo pretty? There’s a store in Portland that carries them, so I’m definitely going to go check them out in person!

  3. Ruuuuuski says:

    when you go and see them, let us know what you think. I’m supposed to be on a “no buy” for a while since i have a ton of stuff to try and use up. but if they’re that stunning, i might be persuaded to change my mind =D

  4. claire says:

    Sure thing Ruuuuuski! If I can brave the hot weather, I plan on doing it tomorrow or Friday. :D