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One Hand Washes The Other Halloween 2012
Perfume, Reviews - August 16th, 2012

Good news, Lovelies! I have samples of five of One Hand Washes The Other’s 2012 Halloween scents, and they are FABULOUS!! I also have either full size or samples of a couple of returning fragrances, so I’ll talk about them too. OHWTO’s Halloween scents are some of my favorites, and the new scents do not disappoint.

These are some of the most complex and interesting fragrances I’ve tried from One Hand Washes The Other. They are not simply a mish-mash of individual notes, but instead are finely blended scent “stories.” I continue to be impressed with OHWTO’s growth in perfumery.

First up, is Jack. In Black. Z.O.M.G. I am SO IN LOVE with this scent. It’s got notes of charred, sooty, dirty pumpkin flesh, Arabian musk, pomegranate, tea, and a handful of penny candy snatched from an unsuspecting trick-or-treater’s pillowcase. On first sniff, I get a lovely tea note, and then it develops into a deep, musky smell tempered by the freshness of the pomegranate. This one leans on the masculine side, but works just as well on the ladies. It’s just amazingly good, and I will definitely need this in a full size!

Dullahan is a tribute to the original headless horseman! There is no way to bar the road against a dullahan—all locks and gates open on their own when it approaches… Spooky! This one has notes of harvest spices, black leather, black tea, clary sage, buttery caramel, and civet. On skin, the buttery caramel is the first note I notice, and it’s yummy. The fragrance settles into a sweet gourmand, but the leather, sage, and tea keep it from being too food-y. I think this one will be popular!

Dudleyville, based on a particularly frightening ghost town, is my next favorite after Jack. In Black. When I first put it on, my thought was mmmm… dirt and fennel. Sexy. The notes are dried leaves, wood smoke, patchouli, fennel, dirt, palo santo, petitgrain, spectral musk, amyris, catnip, ginger, and cardamom. It’s got a definite masculine feel, so this one could be good for the guys. I don’t think it’s so masculine that a chick wouldn’t want to wear it, especially if you like herbaceous scents. This is the dirt smell I’ve always wanted. It settles into a warm scent that reminds me of fall, with the dried leaves and wood smoke. I really, really like this one.

Ravensblood is …ooh. On skin, my first thought is berries and incense. The notes are blackberries, dark musk, licorice spiked with clove, guiacwood, labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, and a bright twist of lemon. It’s surprisingly light (in character, not in lasting power, which is excellent) after a while, which I credit to the lemon and clove. It’s not a berry pie smell. I really like how the blackerry note sticks around for a long time though, like it gets juicier on your skin. This is a lovely scent!

Equinox is like visiting a harvest dessert festival and sitting by a bonfire. The notes are fresh apple butter, spiced breads and iced pastries, just-pressed cider warmed with ginger and mulling spice, roasted figs, berries, pomegranates, bonfire smoke, amber, and patchouli. It’s gourmand for sure, but not in a “you smell like food” way. The base notes keep it in the perfume realm, by providing a wonderful richness in the drydown. This is definitely a must if you like spicy scents!

Those are the five I’ve tried so far. Seance, Pumpkin Bread Pudding, and Down A Dark Path are also on my list for sure, based on the descriptions!

I also have a few returning fragrances to mention. Sugar Skulls is a long-time favorite of mine, with its notes of sweet baked goods, vanilla cookies, anise, and roses. It’s such a comfort smell. I highly recommend it.

Pumpkin Eater is what a non-foodlike pumpkin smell should be, with its mangled pumpkin, spiced cider, tilled earth, and patchouli.

Burning Times is really complex and spicy, very, very spicy, with notes of vanilla, clove, patchouli, pink peppercorn, suede, musk, sandalwood, cinnamon, cedarwood, and the smoldering Embers of a thousand years. This one is such a great smell for cooler weather!

Solanum is quite nommy, with the almond announcing itself first to me (I LOVE almond), and then the fruits and spices come forth. I didn’t order this one last year because I thought it would be primarily an apple scent – it’s not. It’s definitely more gourmand than fruity, and the apple and raspberry play a supporting, rather than starring, role. I love it!

Mirror Witch smells bright and clean to me, with notes of pomegranates, dried figs, white sage, candied ginger, and a vision of white musk. If rich and heavy isn’t your thing, but you still like a traditional autumn scent, Mirror Witch fits the bill perfectly! I just love the ginger in this one.

Are you excited for the Halloween collection from One Hand Washes The Other this year? Which scents are on your must-have list?

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4 Responses to “One Hand Washes The Other Halloween 2012”

  1. Bekka says:

    Oooh, cannot WAIT for Ravensblood and Equinox!

  2. eight says:


  3. Luna says:

    Becca is magical with smells. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the hallow’s eve smellies.

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