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Let’s Talk Halloween
Shopping - September 7th, 2012

Okey dokey, enough of my favorite companies have put Halloween-y stuff online that I can devote an entire blog post to all the awesome spooky Autumnal goodness! *cue the Tim Burton music*

Detrivore Cosmetics brings you a STUNNING Halloween collection. Every single one of these colors floats my boat! Some are matte, some are satin, and some are sparkly! You can buy the whole set at a discount, or purchase them individually. Detrivore also released some Special FX blushes, if you are wanting something unusual for a costume or just because you rock the alt colors every day! The best way to make your Halloween or other scary costume come to life and look absolutely amazing is to use some spooky contact lenses as these make you look so much scarier.

One Hand Washes The Other has there Halloween collection up – check out my review of most of the scents here!

Darling Clandestine has released a limited edition Halloween collection of four scents. Wither and Falter interest me the most.
Black Rose Minerals will have a Halloween collection (two of them, actually) although they aren’t online yet. Rosa has put some sneak peek photos on the BRM Facebook page and they look fabulous.

Meow Cosmetics hasn’t put their Halloween shop up yet either, but I really, really, really like everything they do for Halloween (And then Christmas! Fall/Winter is my favorite time at Meow).

Other companies have stuff planned, but nothing live yet. I’ll update when I know more!

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One Response to “Let’s Talk Halloween”

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