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EOTD: Cadaverine Badger
Eyeshadow - October 7th, 2012

I ordered Detrivore Cosmetics’ Halloween Collection, and it is quite fabulous. It includes a lovely matte color called Cadaverine. I also recently snagged Shiro Cosmetics’ Badger. I decided to pair Badger with Cadaverine for a nice, autumnal look.

Cadaverine is a light reddish beige matte color. I’d go so far as to label it peach. It is just a little bit brighter than the color of my eyelids. I’m not usually a big fan of matte colors, but Detrivore’s mattes are so perfectly silky and smooth that I’m becoming a matte convert. Badger is a shimmery blackened chocolate with honey-colored sparks. I didn’t use a sticky base for maximal sparkage, but I will next time. I used Bare Escentuals’ Firelight, a creamy buttercup shimmer, in the inner corners and under the brow bone. The eyeliner is a taupe color pencil.

I managed to smear mascara on one of my eyelids and didn’t notice until after I took photos. DOH!!! Hence, only one eye closeup. The other looked like hell.

The blush is also from Detrivore, it’s the ever-popular Thing. The lipstick is a discontinued color, which is too bad because it’s awesome. It’s Awake Cosmetics’ Autumn Red.

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3 Responses to “EOTD: Cadaverine Badger”

  1. Luna says:

    Oh that’s pretty. I still have to get the Detrivore hallow’s eve stuff. =D

  2. claire says:

    It’s fabulous.