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More OHWTO Halloween Scents!
Perfume, Reviews - October 10th, 2012

After last month’s epic One Hand Washes The Other Halloween smell-o-thon, I placed an order for a few more of the new scents. Let me tell you all about them!

Seance is described as having nutty bold-roast coffee, heavy oak furniture, carved sandalwood totems, dried herbs, neroli, vanilla’d figs, and a wreath of clary sage to ward off bad spirits. Lest you think this is a coffee smell, it’s not. On my skin, it becomes a warm floral scent, but rich and deep. When I think of this scent, the image that pops into my head is Miss Havisham and her mansion, a tragic yet romantic image. So, in my head I call this Miss Havisham. *grin*

Pumpkin Bread Pudding is OM NOM NOM, but don’t eat it! It’s got notes of bruleed pumpkin puree, buttermilk, cream, bourbon, bread, vanilla, honey, & pumpkin spice. It makes me crave pumpkin cream cheese muffins from Starbucks. The ultimate early fall gourmand smell!

Down a Dark Path is complex and interesting. It’s got notes of fresh figs, dried leaves, carnations, oakmoss, amber, sage, black pepper, pumpkin, vanilla, pomegranate, beeswax, rhubarb, lavender, and the scent of an unidentifiable animal stalking you in the shadows between the trees. It’s oh-so-spicy and herbal but also just a little bit gourmand. A dude could totally rock this smell.

County Fair is one of those, like Solanum, that I didn’t think I’d care for, but oh how wrong I was. It’s got notes of ripe peaches, Macintosh apples, pumpkin pie, mandarins, black currants, raw honey, plums, Bartlett pears, just-baled hay, orange blossom, and white amber. I thought “Fruit. Meh.” and didn’t order it, but Becca included a sample. OH DAMN. It’s like Autumn in a smell. I must have more.

Sticky Fingers is sweet. It might actually me too sweet for me (a rare thing indeed). It’s all creamy white chocolate, gooey marshmallow, a plump dollop of cream cheese frosting, tonka bean absolute, and warmed coconut milk. I think I want it in a soy wax tart for a house smell, rather than a put it on my skin smell. I love it, but it gets really really sweet on my skin.

And thus concludes my most recent Halloween smell haul from One Hand Washes The Other.

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9 Responses to “More OHWTO Halloween Scents!”

  1. Luna says:

    Oh man Country Fair is SO good. I didn’t think I’d like it that much either but it’s a yummy smell. I have a sample of Sticky Fingers that I need to break out and sniff. I don’t normally go for super sweet kind of foodie smells.

  2. claire says:

    I want Sticky Fingers as a house smell, because it’s like you’re baking all kinds of crazy sinful things… without actually having to bake them. Country Fair is a food smell I wanna wear.

  3. Now I regret not ordering Sticky fingers and Down a dark path! I got sugar skulls and now I want more of these sweet foodie smells. And I love unisex kind of scents too, I don’t mind smelling a bit manly :)

    About country fair, how strong are the mandarin and orange flower notes? Lately I’ve been loving citrus fragrances.

  4. claire says:

    The citrus is pretty subtle. It’s definitely more of a warm spicy scent than a citrus scent. If you dig the citrus, try Frozen Margarita (lime) or Lemon Sugar from OHWTO.

  5. eight says:


  6. coco says:

    i wish i can imagine the smell by the description.
    becca threw in sample of pumpkin bread pudding in my last sample order. i didn’t like the smell of it at first, felt weird applying ‘food’ on myself, but after applied for a while, it’s not that bad. my daughter said i smell like a yummy cupcake :)

  7. claire says:

    I love smelling like a baked good in cold weather ;)

  8. Thanks, I’ll try a sample of lemon sugar next time then :)

  9. Reggie says:

    I got Seance, Pumpkin Bread Pudding, Sticky Fingers and Country Fair. I have to agree that Sticky Fingers is probably a little too sweet for my liking too. I’d probably love it in lotion form, though. I need a full size of Seance, me thinks.