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Apotheke:M Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil Review
Body Care - November 8th, 2012

Apotheke:M is a brand found at Target, making bath and body products in some really nice scents. I don’t know the specific history of the brand, but a recent search turned up a website linking them to the same company that produces TokyoMilk. Needless to say, there are three scents so far, and my favorite is the Blackcurrant Fig. I picked up a bottle of the Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil to review, and I love it.

The Bath & Shower Oil is one of those oil-that-turns-into-a-cleanser type products that are really cool. You can squirt some into the bathtub for a moisturizing soak, or apply it in the shower as a body cleanser. The scent is really nice. It’s rich and deep, as fitting something called Blackcurrant Fig. It’s one of the best fig-type scents I’ve come across in a while.

It’s a nice body cleanser if you tend to have dry skin, as it’s more moisturizing than soap or shower gel. It does make the tub a smidgen slippery, however, so be careful! The scent lingers for a bit on your skin, but not all day. There is a matching body spray and body cream if you want the scent to last longer!

At $12.99, it’s not the cheapest body wash out there, but it’s nice for what it is, and how great the scent is! Two thumbs up!

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