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Ineke Floral Curiousities Sweet William Perfume (WANT.)
Perfume, Reviews - November 12th, 2012

I don’t usually review things which I’ve only smelled in a shop, and haven’t actually purchased. There’s always a first time though. I was recently in Anthropologie, and happened to sniff these perfumes from Ineke, a themed collection called Floral Curiousities. There were four fragrances, and the only one which grabbed me was the one called Sweet William. Because the travel spray is a relatively good value, and the packaging is so cute, I decided to share it with you. (I may yet go back and buy it!)

Ineke is a niche perfume company from California. I’ve been curious about their perfumes for a while, since I see them mentioned frequently as an interesting niche company. The Floral Curiousities series was a collaboration with Anthropologie, to create four fragrances based on flowers. Besides Sweet William, there is a jasmine one, a larkspur one, and angel’s trumpet. The others didn’t do much for me – in general I find floral fragrances too synthetic for my taste, with the exception of the occasional tuberose or gardenia or lily scent.

Sweet William, however, caught my nose and was worthy of a spray on skin. It’s a clove-y scent, not unlike carnation, with notes of patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood, brightened with peach notes and bourbon vanilla. LOVE. It’s classified as a woodsy scent, which is accurate enough. The patchouli is NOT strong, and in fact I couldn’t pick it out of the blend. Mostly, it’s a clove-y peachy kind of thing with a nice woodsy base. I really, really like it.

The packaging for the travel sizes is super-cute. They come in these boxes shaped like books, it’s really clever. The price is 0.5 oz for $28, which is pretty reasonable for a quality perfume. You can only find them at Anthropologie stores or at I wannit.

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